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Trump’s border finances removed | Donald Trump’s story


Biden officials have also repaired floods and erosion caused by the ends of the wall.

The Pentagon on Friday said it was blocking the construction of units for former President Donald Trump border wall and Mexico which was built using military money, the money that was not used was returned to the war.

Trump announced international emergency in 2019 in order to provide funding for the construction of a wall along the southern US border.

President Joe Biden announced on January 20, his first day on the job, ordering that border operations be suspended and re-evaluating the legitimacy of its finances and procedures.

Workers are laying the foundation for a steel border wall that will be built on the Mexican long steel section that divides Ciudad Juarez, Mexico from Sunland Park, New Mexico [File: Christian Chavez/AP Photo]

“The Department of Defense is continuing to eliminate all border crossings that have funded the operation of other military operations such as military schools, foreign military operations in allied countries, and the National Guard and Reserve weapons account,” Pentagon spokesman Jamal Brown said.

Mr Brown said the money would be reimbursed for the construction work.

As of January 15, the government has spent $ 6.1bn of $ 10.8bn on its work, an unnamed Senate Democratic coalition aide told the Associated Press.

Publicly, Trump officials say they found $ 15bn on the wall. A Senate aide said it was $ 16.45bn, $ 5.8bn approved by Congress and the rest was diverted from the Department of Defense and Treasure.

Trump’s Trump Money laundering from the Pentagon he was strongly criticized by lawmakers, who said they were putting national security at risk and undermining Congress.

Building a border wall near the fields in Progreso, Texas [File: Julio Cortez/AP Photo]

In 2019 alone, the military has said that more than 120 U.S. forces could be affected by Trump’s actions.

Biden officials also said on Friday that they have begun work to address the dangers of flooding and erosion from the last sections of the wall.

Construction work “exploded in large holes” during a low-level water strike in the Texas Grande Valley in Texas, the Homeland Security department said. It also said it was “urgently working” to prevent flooding without raising the wall.

Hidalgo County, Texas officials have reported flood risk during the monsoon season since June for violating the levee system.

The department has also said it will address the “improper erosion of land and building materials” in some parts of the 22.4-km (14-mile) barrier in San Diego and will soon unveil plans to deal with “further damage” by the construction of the border wall. The San Diego wall is mainly located in the uninhabited areas along the Border Patrol border.


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