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To the knee, I raise my fist to be punished at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics | Black Life Essential Issues


Compared to the BLM’s anti-racial group, calls have been increased to change IOC rules.

Kneeling at the Tokyo Olympics or raising a fist to promote racial equality will be punished as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) continues to ban athletic performances at stadiums, rallies and podiums.

Rule 50 of the IOC prohibits any form of “demonstration or political, religious or false” at any and other venues in the Olympics and the Sports Council has ruled that the rule should be observed in accordance with the request of athletes.

Compared to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement against racism, singing has increased in recent months to change the law that would allow athletes to stage demonstrations.

Other international leaders, including World Athletics President Sebastian Coe, say athletes should be free to take part in political demonstrations of the sport.

Athletes’ Commission chief Kirsty Coventry, who led the review of the law, said 70% of the athletes interviewed opposed any demonstrations that took place in the stadiums.

“I would not want anything to get in the way of my competition and get away with it. This is how I still feel, ”Coventry, a former Olympic swimmer in Zimbabwe, said in an interview on the outcome of the 50th Amendment Discussion.

Coventry said there were a number of proposals approved by the IOC Executive Board on Wednesday, including a clearer explanation of the sanctions, more than 50 rules, changes to the Olympic Oath vocabulary and inclusion messages, and the design of athletes with integrated messages.

The IOC’s views are the result of negotiations that began in June 2020 and affected more than 3,500 athletes.

The Tokyo Olympic Games, which have been delayed for a year due to the coronavirus epidemic, began on July 23.


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