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Morning After: A NASA pilot is making oxygen on Mars


After a few months of silence, all the video games came out right away. No, I haven’t Anonymous delay (what we know), but new, which we also consider Mortal Kombat Video ends tomorrow. Although you can expect violence and destruction (of course), according to window writer Greg Russo, making sure the jokes about Mortal KombatTranslators translated into the video were important, too.

Warner Bros. Fun

In the end, with a little-to-no gore, a Sonic The next video is in. We know the Sonic side, Legs, is supposed to happen, but the anti-hero Knuckles they can also form shapes, imitating the Knuckles brand standing next to Sonic and Tail during a shooting in Vancouver.

There is no such thing as a series of games that often have interesting stories and are good ones. We will leave this for those who come .

– Matt Smith

There’s a lot more going on than just testing drone pilots.

Along with a photo of the family of its robotic siblings, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab completed the Survival with a device called the Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization Experiment or MOXIE for short. On April 20th, it effectively released carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and converted it into oxygen.

A toaster-tolerant tool to withstand the separation of oxygen atoms and carbon dioxide molecules by heating the air at about 1,470 degrees Fahrenheit and producing carbon monoxide as a by-product. In the first test, the device released about five grams of oxygen or about enough to give a spacecraft about 10 minutes of oxygen. Keep reading.

Now in the US, UK and Korea.

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Samsung – which currently has more than 20 phones sold in its store after trying to cut 30 percent – is hoping to upgrade its old phones by reverting them to high-end home appliances. Now, the Galaxy Upcycling at Home app is coming to the public after the announcement at CES earlier this year. Like their other smart experiment, Samsung is testing the Upcycling app through Labs in its SmartThings app. Once deployed, users will be able to use their old Galaxy phones as baby monitors or small screens with the help of regenerative sensors, AI repair and battery optimization. Keep reading.

First, Seattle.

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Amazon is increasing its non-compliant payments to Whole Foods Market stores. Amazon has now set it up at Seattle Whole Foods Market and is planning to reach seven more in the area. With Amazon One, you can connect the card with your printer and pay for the goods by simply moving your hand on the calculator. The company plans to promote the service and offer it to other vendors. Keep reading.

Video Pass may provide you with another reason to sign up.

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VGC saw the logo and description of the PlayStation Plus Video Pass on the Sony page. When the company dismissed the case, it promised to acquire Sony videos (plus Smoke, and Zombieland: Double-click) as part of a “test operation” that can last for one year. Sony has recently announced that it will suspend the sale of movies and TV shows via the PlayStation Store on August 31, and Video Pass could fill the vacancy, offering more subscriptions to PS Plus, such as Amazon’s Prime Prime. Keep reading.

Lucid wants to take the Mercedes EQS.

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Starting at $ 77,400, Lucid Air is compared to the Tesla Model S. But the automaker wants to point out high-end German cars from Mercedes and Audi. With the recently unveiled Mercedes EQS coming to market at the same time as Air, there has been no other choice for high-end EVs. Check our drive right here.

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