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Three Super League leaders have been targeted after nine clubs signed a UEFA deal Football Stories


UEFA is set to punish Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona in separate competitions.

The three teams that continue to participate in the Super League rivals, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus, have faced sanctions from UEFA, which has joined nine other clubs.

The European Football Association (EU) said on Friday that nine of its members had signed a “Club Commitment Declaration” with several “repatriation” measures.

Six English Premier League clubs – Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur – as well as AC Milan of Italy and Inter Milan, and Atletico Madrid of Spain – have all signed contracts, UEFA said in a statement.

“The clubs are aware of their shortcomings and have taken steps to show their commitment and commitment to European football,” said UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin.

“The same cannot be said for clubs that continue to practice the so-called ‘Super League’ and UEFA will deal with clubs later,” he added.

UEFA has now started punishing them against Juventus, Real and Barca.

“UEFA has reserve the right to do whatever it deems necessary to oppose clubs that are currently refusing to relinquish the so-called ‘Super League’. The matter will be referred to the relevant UEFA agencies. ”

‘Showing kindness’

The nine clubs that have returned to UEFA have agreed to “do their utmost” to qualify for the Super League.

“As a courtesy, together with other clubs, they have donated 15 million euros ($ 18.23m), to be used to benefit children, youth and community football across Europe, including the UK,” UEFA said.

The clubs also agreed on one-fifth of the savings they would receive from the Champions League or Europa League for one season.

The deal involved clubs agreeing to a $ 100 million fine ($ 121.5m) if they wanted to compete in an illegal tournament or a $ 50 million fine ($ 60.7m) if they violated any commitment they made to the Volunteer Information Club.

The 12th-placed Super League was announced last month but collapsed just 48 hours later.

The Super League is raising money for top European football clubs and allowing them to share more money in all other sports.

However, UEFA, other clubs and fan organizations have said that the league is only for strengthening the strengths and fortunes of top clubs, and that what was closed slightly is in stark contrast to the old European football genre.


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