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German and US regulators have tightened their interest in crypto currency markets


The reversal of stock exchanges in Germany and negotiations in Washington show that major financial institutions are simply moving through tightly controlled public markets.

Crypto corporate executives and security experts around the world are watching closely controversy between German regulator BaFin and the crypto Binance exchange, which escalated this week.

Binance, one of the world’s largest crypto companies, has called on BaFin to overturn a ruling that allegedly violates security regulations and the new issuance of ‘tokens’ which means impersonating a majority of US stocks – a request rejected by the regulator.

This week, Gary Gensler, the new chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, identified on Wall Street as strong, told an audience at Capitol Hill that “about $ 2tn [cryptoasset] The market is the only one that can benefit from greater trade security ”.

“Currently, in exchange, for selling crypto goods, there are no rules governing either the SEC or our sisters, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission,” he said. “There are no regulators in the market around crypto exchanges, so there is no protection against fraud or fraud.”

Currently, neither the SEC nor the CFTC has the authority to monitor the activity of the cryptocurrency market because, by law, bitcoin and its partners are not traders or currencies. In the wake of a boom in bitcoin and rivals such as ethereum so far this year, fast-growing and sophisticated companies now have well-managed security markets, a development that is affecting senior investors.

But financial institutions born out of a desire to protect the economy a hundred years ago did not have the tools to deal with the many contributions of the new generation. Economists are working on the “19th-century legal theory which was based on the theory of the 20th century. It’s old-fashioned,” said Timothy Spangler, a associate of Dechert, a California law firm.

Binance’s decision in April to start issuing tokens in stocks like Tesla without the security documents has forced BaFin to take action. Binance looks uneasy. It still gives the tags on its page for more than a week from BaFin’s intervention.

In the UK, the Financial Conduct Authority has said it will only link Binance to its new products, which are not available in the US, China or Turkey.

Binance’s growing financial history

Binance, a crypto exchange run by Changpeng Zhao, offers customers in many states a wide range of financial products that go beyond several digital business types.

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  • Crypto Rental

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Gensler’s request for authorization from regulators expresses the frustration of regulators that a law code written for security markets is not appropriate for the purpose of concealing those who want to sell crypto assets. However, policymakers face the daunting task of drafting rules for border companies and other players seeking to circumvent the rules.

Many regulators have tried to interpret existing laws as closely as possible, but they have not prevented the practice from resuming, much like the commercial sprint and hedge funds that emerged in the 1990s.

Matteo Dante Perruccio, president of global business at Wave Financial, the US digital treasurer, said: “It’s a dramatic change in the financial system that is pushing for the establishment of this new body.” he said.

The time frame for policy makers may be limited. Entrepreneurs are increasingly increasingly on the profits offered from cryptocurrensets, and banks are becoming more comfortable with digital assets. And the crypto industry is able to make a profit by being more rigorous than it would be in the face of certain cultural challenges.

In most cases, it can take an exchange like the New York Stock Exchange or CME Group months to get licenses for new items. FTX, a Hong Kong crypto exchange, meanwhile, says it only took a few hours to set up US timber trading agreements, where prices have risen in the past two weeks.

Rising crypto economy prices have begun to feed on other financial resources. Binance, for example, allows any user to “take out a secure loan with your crypto assets” and also offers the opportunity to trade risky margins and deposit accounts. Binance loans come with an hourly interest rate calculator, and users can withdraw money from Binance or use it for items such as futures trading.

Binance uses the ‘money’ platform.

Users are repeatedly paid high interest rates by lending their digital money to other border users © Binance ad sent to Telegram followers.

Vessels in particular are increasing the amount of speculative currencies such as Dogecoin, Tether and PancakeSwap, as well as events on new exchanges such as FTX and financial projects such as Uniswap, according to the developers.

In the future market, traders need money or government as a limited liability that can be used to increase the size of betting through trading paid off on loans or carriers. But a major cryptocurrency exchange acknowledges that currency is a business.

This means that the first small amount of money is converted into crypto currencies and used for the biggest betting on the crypto market, sometimes spread across a wide range of currencies, the profits and losses are easy to identify — your client and anti cash checks. This means that more money feeds each other and gathers together.

Binance is one of the exchanges that offers the hardest money

The group’s offerings include sources such as futures and ‘water exchanges’ © Binance ad sent to Telegram followers.

The problem for regulators is exacerbated by the fact that some exchanges do not have legal entities in most companies. This week Coinbase, a major US exchange, said it would close its headquarters in San Francisco and operate without a major office in any city.

Binance, too, says it does not have a world headquarters but has several organizations around the world. To highlight the challenges faced by financial managers, Binance Markets Limited, a subsidiary of London, is a financial institution registered with the UK FCA.

The division is overseen by Malta registered in the British Virgin Islands and is overseen by Changpeng Zhao, Binance’s chief executive.

In Germany, the company told BaFin that the analysts’ views on the stock market were the result of “misunderstandings”, according to people familiar with the matter. It told the Financial Times that it had said nothing about “contact with any supervisors”.

Spangler at Dechert said emerging companies need to train regulators. “You don’t want to wait too long to get approval, you want the directors to work with something they understand. You need to do this in moderation. ”

But a major exchange with crypto asset managers is choosing to be monitored rather than focusing on what they can do in the coming years.

“I think the authorities are worried that there’s a big, bad actor somewhere who does something and they don’t know who’s in charge of the legal system,” said Todd Kornfeld, a lawyer for the US company Troutman Pepper.

“It may seem like a lot to everyone but in the end the regulators will find rules elsewhere that they will follow to do wrong. This is why large corporations have been cautious, as they often do not like uncertainty and prefer directors to tell them what they can and cannot do. ”


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