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These Teachers Danced Through Myanmar Coup


Myanmar’s military changed completely on Monday as a video spread on the entertainment of a woman dancing in front of a pickup truck.

An aerobics video appeared to have been filmed on Monday morning as the plot unfolded, filming the events of a recruiting regimen. an exciting electric hit. The woman, named Khing Hnin Wai, dances for three minutes, apparently unaware of what is going on behind her. According to his Facebook profile, he is a physical education teacher employed by the Ministry of Education in the country.

On the Internet, people call the movie “the first great art of the 21st century“and”mad 2021 vibe. “

The video was so unbelievable that viewers began to wonder if they were dancing in front of a green screen. He pointed to the shadow behind the woman, another missing part of the video.

But there is no doubt that the movie is a hoax. Search for the place is showing was dancing on a nearby staircase near Myanmar’s Parliament, which is why the shadow appears to have been cut. Photos from the street written by Bellingcat researcher Aric Toler also confirm its location.

During the day, PE instructors also recorded some exercise videos filmed at the same venue. He did not immediately respond to a request from BuzzFeed News.


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