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The WTO could point to a ‘need’ for a vaccine discount, a U.S. trade representative says | Coronavirus News Plague


For the second day in a row, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Katherine Tai has heard criticism from Republican lawmakers that trade rights activists have provided complex biopharmaceutical expertise to China, Russia and all other competitors for failing to increase vaccinations.

U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai said Thursday that discussions at the World Trade Organization on the wise vaccination of the COVID-19 vaccine are an opportunity for a trade union that can work more closely to meet global needs.

Tai, speaking to House and Industry Solutions, said he was ready to hold talks that took into account the challenges facing all sides, including the medical industry.

“The WTO has no record of moving swiftly, or until yes, beyond the 164 members who must all agree, in most cases,” Tai said. “This is an opportunity for the WTO to demonstrate its commitment to the people.”

For the second day in a row, Tai has heard criticism from Republican lawmakers that professional rights activists have provided critical biopharmaceutical expertise to China, Russia and other competitors while failing to add vaccines.

Republican spokesman Devin Nunes told Tai that he was concerned that China was one of the fastest growing RNA vaccines in the United States.

“It looks like them [China] I want to steal this new technology, especially because it is related to the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, ”he said.

Tai said administrators are working hard to take the lead in this regard to try to find a solution that saves lives and restores the country as a whole, which will benefit the US.

India and South Africa, which promote the original idea, which is widely circulating, say they “feel they are at high risk because they cannot get the vaccine and they cannot reproduce it,” Tai said.

On Wednesday, Tai told Parliament that vaccine companies could be “heroes” in helping the world gain more access to COVID-19 vaccines.

He declined to discuss much of their negotiations with the healthcare industry before announcing the decision to join the WTO negotiations last week, but said some were driven by more than their experience with shareholders.

“Some of them feel they need to be involved in environmental activities around the world,” he said.

Tai said efficient detoxification is just one of several factors that may be needed to increase the production and distribution of the same vaccine worldwide.


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