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SpaceX writes its way to Starship’s first pilot airport


Follow-up SpaceX is now planning to try to drive the Starship brand around. Mu , the company explains how it expects its next trip to be successful.

According to the document, Starship technology with a Super Heavy booster will depart from an established company in Boca Chica, Texas. About three minutes from the plane, the promotional section will separate and spread to the Gulf of Mexico about 20 miles off the coast. The Starship Rocket will cross the Straits in Florida before entering the road and then return to Earth and try to navigate the soft sea about 62 miles from the northwest coast of Kauai. If all goes according to plan, the entire flight from start to finish should take about 90 minutes to complete.

Prior to the SN15, all of StarX’s experimental SpaceX test planes were exhausted by one of the heaviest rocket-propelled grenades. The plane was an important part of SpaceX. And if the company can come out on top in the latest tests, it’s very close to realizing its vision of using Starship to lift people up. . It will also be an important demonstration that NASA was right to trust SpaceX to release a Starship record for a month of use in the coming season .

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