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The UGTT Treaty in Tunisia calls for early elections without a system | Stories

The commission is said to be concerned with the gains of democracy in the country as President Kais Saied has failed to announce political plans.

The powerful UGTT in Tunisia says it wants elections to be held as soon as possible in Tunisia, saying it is concerned about the achievement of democracy in the country for refusing to announce a policy change.

UGTT leader Noureddine Taboubi’s remarks on Sunday, speaking to thousands of supporters, added to the pressure on President Kais Saied, four months after his death. he usurped all political powers.

“We helped on July 25 because it was an opportunity to save the country and bring about change …

He added that the president should convene talks with political parties and national organizations that include reviewing electoral laws and approving quick and transparent elections.

The UGTT Alliance, which won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015 for helping to build democracy in the Arab Spring birthplace, is a Tunisian politician.

It has more than one million members throughout North Africa.

Saied suspended the legislature and overthrew the government on July 25, appointing a new minister and announcing his rule by law. Opposers have denounced his actions as a coup d’état.

“Tunisia will not be detained individually,” UGTT Secretary-General Noureddine Taboubi told AFP after speaking to a number of people, urging the president to take a “cohesive approach”.

“Work, freedom and national dignity,” the protesters chanted. “With our lives and our blood, we will protect UGTT.”

The president has defended his capture as the only way to address government threats after years of political crisis and economic turmoil. He pledged to uphold the rights and freedoms he won in 2011.

Saied also pledged to resolve the emergency immediately but did not say when, and the pressure was mounted to submit plans to return to parliament.

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