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The turnout in five Indian states is taking place as the epidemic begins | Coronavirus News Plague

With the BJP ordering Prime Minister Modi to include other countries as an opposition Congress party, regional organizations are hoping to resume politics.

India’s election observers have begun counting ballots in five countries as the COVID-19 case continues to undermine the country’s health system.

New cases went up 401,993 daily Saturday – the highest in the world. More than 3,700 people have also died – history in India too – bringing the total death toll to 211,000.

The country ranks second in 19.1 million cases near the United States.

The second river has shaken hospitals, lounges and crematoriums and left families preoccupied with shortages of medicine and oxygen. Although India is the world’s largest producer of COVID-19 vaccine, the shortage of ammunition in some countries has hampered the introduction of more vaccines.

Counting the votes AssamWest Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Puducherry are expected to end on Sunday and the results will be announced after the match.

The results appear to be a second attempt at the impact of the epidemic in support of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his right-wing BJP.

As Modi’s ruling BJP seeks to strengthen its many states, the main opposition party Congress and regional parties are hoping to resume politics.

More than 1,000 voters will count everyone who is expected to submit a COVID-19 test report or be fully immunized.

Most votes were cast in March but voting in some areas continued in April, as India began to identify thousands of coronaviruses each day.

A temporary increase in the COVID-19 cases, leaders of all parties, including Modi, led political rallies as the masses ignored laws on social norms and wore masks.

Political analysts said the election was an important opportunity for Modi to extend his power in his country, expand the activities of his party and remove one of his most vocal opponents.

Modi has been criticized for focusing too much on government elections instead of the plague. Some experts say that the large number of religious meetings and assemblies attended by millions of people is the worst of the second wave.

The federal government has also been charged failure to respond to warning early March from his scientific advisers that a new and contagious race is starting to work in the country.

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