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India’s problems COVID: ‘We tried 15 hospitals before my mother died | | Coronavirus News Plague

New Delhi, India – Unlike millions of Indians who are struggling to raise funds to receive treatment for the deadly coronavirus, Savita Oberoi was neither poor nor helpless.

Even so, his noble family could not save him. He was unable to get a hospital bed or oxygen in time, and the 61-year-old lost his life with COVID-19 on April 12.

Oberoi’s daughter Vandana Paliwal, 38, a teacher in West Delhi, said: “We knocked on the doors of at least 15 hospitals, and connected with all our contacts to help my mother.” “We found the women’s bed after the test days – too, through a contact who knows the hospital’s supervisors.”

But it was too short, too late. A few hours later, Oberoi died. Paramedics called the couple in the middle of the night to say he was dead.

“All I can say is that Indians do not die because of COVID-19; he dies without receiving timely treatment. There is a big difference. I have already lost my father; and now the loss of my mother, too, has hurt me twice, ”says Paliwal.

Although the family has a lot of money, Paliwal explains how she has to get involved in any way to help her mother. He said: “Imagine the plight of the poor.

“There are long queues everywhere – in hospitals, hospitals, workplaces, drug stores… For two days, we couldn’t even get a lab worker to come and test my mother. Even if you have the money to support COVID-19, there is no guarantee that you will receive treatment and live. It’s just that there are a few small things you can do about such activities and barriers.

“Is that how the developed world works?” He asks.

A woman waits inside an ambulance for her arrival at the COVID-19 hospital for treatment, at the spread of coronavirus, in Ahmedabad, India, on April 28, 2021 [Amit Dave/Reuters]

When Oberoi was tested on COVID-19, the results were delayed. It came three days later, after he was so pressured and pushed from Paliwal who had to follow the lab. Meanwhile, Oberoi’s disease has only worsened.

“We were told that the lab had a difficult time dealing with the requests of thousands of patients to be tested. My mother had already developed diabetes and kidney disease. A sudden delay killed him. ”

Until the family received confirmation that Oberoi was indeed COVID infected, they would not be able to receive the appropriate treatment. Waiting at every level was frustrating and annoying. My husband and I were in the midst of caring for my ailing mother and using cell phones to communicate with hospitals and doctors. We did not know what to do; it was crazy, “Paliwal says.” It seems the whole world is falling apart around us. “

As the couple slept in the hospital, they became very quiet. But Oberoi did not want to be accepted. She just said she didn’t feel well, her daughter remembers.

“I think my mother thought she could not get out of the hospital alive. But we told him there was no other way. He had a number of difficulties that already hurt him; hence, they need special care. His sixth power was proved to be right – he drove him like a wheel and became like a body.

The educator believes that doctors around the world have fallen “like a house of cards” under the second wave of coronavirus. Unidentified black markets have been proliferating overnight with prescription drugs and oxygen tablets sold to underprivileged families nearly five times at their normal price. At the same time, Paliwal says, VIP politicians and celebrities are being offered “the best red drugs and the best doctors available to them even the common people suffer without any guilt”.

All the while, death continues.

“I saw six or seven corpses burned at the same time and quickly at my mother’s crematorium at the end. There is no dignity in death though. All citizens have been deprived of the basic necessities of life by those in positions of responsibility, entrusted with the responsibility of serving and protecting them. This is the worst epidemic in the world for millions of Indians. ”

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