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The Taliban say Afghans who worked for foreign groups should be safe | Taliban Stories

The group says Afghans who have worked with the US and NATO for the past 20 years are not afraid as long as they show ‘sympathy’.

The Taliban say those who worked for foreign forces in Afghanistan should be safe as long as they show “repentance” and should not leave the war-torn country.

“They will not be in any danger on our side … No one should leave this country,” he said on Monday.

“The Islamic Emirate wants to inform all the people mentioned above that they should show remorse for what they have done in the past and should not engage in such things in the future which is tantamount to rebelling against Islam and the country.”

The announcement comes as the United States and NATO forces continue to emerge, with US President Joe Biden establishing September 11 as the last day of Washington’s 20-year war in the country.

Thousands of Afghans have worked with international forces over the past 20 years as translators, security guards, and helpers elsewhere.

They fear retaliation from the Taliban if the military leaves. Many have applied for special visas to leave the country.

Several countries – including the US, Germany and Britain – have rehabilitation programs working in their region.

The deployment of 18,000 Afghan people seeking a special visa to immigrate to the country is expected at the US embassy in Kabul, according to the ambassador’s actions.

Thousands of others have already moved to the countries where they have worked.

Last week, the Taliban also tried to oust foreign ambassadors after the Australian embassy closed in Kabul.

The group will provide a “safe haven” for the services to operate even after leaving the country.

According to the No One Left Behind, a non-governmental organization in the United States, about 300 U.S. military personnel or their relatives have been killed since 2016.

In the past, the Taliban have called Afghans working with “insurgents” and “rebels” or “slaves”.

The group called on Afghan people to “show remorse for their past actions” and said they should not engage in such activities in the future.

“We felt like our enemies when they were just standing in front of our enemy group,” he said.

“But once they leave their enemies and choose to be like ordinary Afghans in their homeland, they will not face any problem.”

It is doubtful whether local staff believe this.

Twitter users who support the Taliban also frequently express ideas about how local workers should be treated after the military leaves.

Many of them do not agree with what Monday said. They say, among other things, that one cannot forgive all those who worked for foreigners.

Over the past two decades, many Afghan translators have been killed and tortured by Taliban insurgents.

In recent weeks, many Afghans have staged protests in Kabul, demanding that foreign troops and embassies they worked with be relocated outside Afghanistan.

“They are following us,” Omid Mahmoodi, an interpreter who worked with the U.S. military between 2018 and 2020, told AFP last week.

“The Taliban will not forgive us. They will kill us and behead us.”

Another interpreter, Omar, who had worked with the US ambassador for almost 10 years, feared that those who would not leave the country would not escape the Taliban for long.

“I regret that I work for the US. That is the biggest mistake in my life, “said Omar, who asked AFP not to use his full name.” My uncles and relatives call me an American agent. “

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