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The price of steel exceeds 10% and I expect the country’s economy to recover


Iron prices jumped more than 10% in Asia on Monday in anticipation of global economic growth from the Covid-19 epidemic to overtake Chinese and buoy markets.

Future prices for steel in Singapore rose by more than $ 226 per tonne, a record dollar. In Dalian, China’s largest retailer, the future contract price was also 10 percent.

Price increases followed recent high speed in the production of steel, which incorporates other manufacturing tools aided by the growing demand from the fast-growing Chinese economy, and I hope to benefit from government-sponsored solutions around the world.

“It’s just beyond China now. . . with all the power to restore jobs around the world, “says Justin Smirk, a Westpac economist.” I think the reality is that while the market is still very strong, we have very strong steel prices. “

In China, steel production jumped 19 percent in March despite Beijing’s efforts show creativity while the government strives to achieve its environmental goals.

China exports have gone up behind him a craving for raw materials, besides jumping out of his luggage. Statistics released on Friday show that exports grew 43% in April each year, although this was mainly due to the decline in last year after the epidemic hit global markets.

The program of strong recovery China’s economy, which re-emerged before the epidemic at the end of last year, lost momentum in the first quarter. Iron ore sales in April fell compared to March.

Iron ore trade from Australia to China has been overseen by the ongoing political crisis. it brought taxes for shipments such as barley, cattle and wine.

Michael Lovecchio, a trader at StoneX, speculates whether the price hike could be due to a market downturn, “China / Australia disputes are growing” or “just selling in China”.

Chinese manufacturing has raised production prices this year, which were released on Tuesday is expected to show jumping more than 6 percent. China recorded poor PPI in the period between the outbreak of the epidemic last year and the beginning of 2021.

Warren Patterson, chief marketing officer at ING, said the growing interest is driving the money of those who want to sell goods.

Iron iron is “a real asset, which is why it seems like a good barrier to inflation…. I think that’s why we’re seeing so much investment going into things,” he said.

“We’re getting to the point where I think inflation is hindering the realities of reality,” he added.


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