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The Legislator Wants To Call Their Most Holy Writers “Terrorists.”

Representative Elissa Slotkin last week sent a letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken urging her to play an unprecedented role in selecting 13 terrorist groups as foreign terrorist groups, saying this would “add to the pressure to end violence” and the leaders’ failure to run their own affairs. ”

But of the 13 groups listed in his letter, which his office submitted to BuzzFeed News, at least four are unemployed, one is an American club based in California that broke up and restored history, and the other changed its name to Slotkin’s letter over the years. six years ago when it became part of an allied army.

“It was a big list – in 2018,” Matthew Feldman, director of the London-based Center for Analysis of the Radical Right, told BuzzFeed News. “Everyone [the listed groups] it was active. Everyone was dangerous. ”

Feldman praised Slotkin’s efforts and the support of the series, saying it was a good way to go. But he also said it was an example of how the US government has been slow to recognize the threats posed by violent right-wing and foreign-based violence.

Biden has indicated he wants to deal with people who are violent – especially white people like those who were part of a terrorist group that attacked the US Capitol on January 6, and whom the FBI sees as a major threat. Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas told lawmakers last month that domestic violence was “one of the biggest threats to terrorism in the country today.”

But experts say it is also important to follow foreign groups, which often connect, connect, and strengthen their American counterparts.

If Biden’s management compiles a list of groups such as Slotkin’s, Michigan Democrats, such as foreign terrorist organizations (FTOs), or the smaller name Specially Designated Global Terrorists (SDGT), it could help deal with dangerous Western organizations, a member of Congress he challenged in his letter, which had already been written reported by Reuters.

“It would also provide the United States government with more tools to take action and advertise to Americans who are affiliated, assisted, educated, and engaged [white supremacist extremist] groups, ”wrote Slotkin.

But Elizabeth Neumann, a former secretary general for anti-terrorism and anti-terrorism in the Department of Homeland Security during Donald Trump’s administration, told BuzzFeed News that the process was long and difficult.

“FTO activity is a very high point,” he said. “I was disappointed to find that we had just found the Royal Palace in Russia. That was not the only thing we were looking for.”

In April 2020, the US elected RIM and three leaders of the SDGTs – for the first time such a division was implemented

When asked about Slotkin’s letter, State Spokesman told BuzzFeed News, “most of the time, we do not respond to conference letters and we do not comment on ideas or discussions about what might happen.” But Blinken told Meet the MSNBC Press Sunday said that foreign dictatorial groups like foreign terrorist groups are “something we are looking for”

A former CIA investigator who specializes in foreign terrorist activities in the Middle East, Slotkin, wrote that he was “deeply concerned about the vulnerability of these white supremacists, the amount of contact they have with extremists in the US, the intelligence and reports we have. participated in the groups, and the US government did not consult with them. ”

Among those Slotkin said should be referred to terrorism by the National Action Group, a Neo-Nazi organization founded in the United Kingdom and banned in 2016 to young people in Britain. Fighting US terrorism in 2018 reports he described it as a terrorist organization that incites violence against politicians and minorities. Metropolitan Police Officer Ben Hannam was judged of membership on April 1.

Another is the neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement, the same 2018 US immediately reports He is described as a white supremacist group, inciting Muslims and left-wing groups.

But not all parties have asked the government to reconsider their current actions.

Kacper Rekawek, a Slovak researcher at the unprofitable Counter Extremism Project, says the Slotkin list is the kind of list people who can search for right-wing extremists on Google can list them.

“Rep. Slotkin’s efforts are good. Responsibilities, which are used unnecessarily in Europe, should help address threats from right-wing organizations,” Rekawek, told BuzzFeed News. “However, this needs to be informed and re-evaluated to the right which is related to the actors who like to speak, but not to the extent of violence.”

The Nazi political factions of the Feuerkrieg Division, Sonnenkrieg Division, Atomwaffen Division Deutschland, and Northern Order – all of which are on the Slotkin list – have all disappeared, Rekawek and Feldman have said. The members of the groups – both were sponsored by the US Atomwaffen Division and the neo American Nazi James Mason “A besieged culture, ”- were arrested for violence or conspiracy in the UK, US, Germany, Canada, and elsewhere.

Rise Above Movement (RAM), a white-collar pilot club set up in Southern California connected to Nazi political parties in Ukraine and the Balkans, too, were rehabilitated after three prison members were arrested for participating in the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in August 2017. New York-based RAM founder Robert Rundo was charged with felony criminal misconduct at several demonstrations in California. The charges were dropped in June 2019 however reinstatement last month.

She is now he says hiding from Bosnian officials after being banned from Serbia following Bellingcat to report that they are trying to plant roots in this country.

Another challenging group on the Slotkin list is the Azov Battalion of Ukraine. Armed forces were formed in 2014 by left-wing insurgents who volunteered to fight Russian forces as war broke out in eastern Ukraine. In January 2016, it became part of the National Guard and became known as the Azov Regiment.

Its political branch, the National Corps, has been dubbed the “anti-apartheid movement” by the State department. But naming a group of foreign terrorists should be problematic, especially because of its alliance with the government and the fact that Ukraine is a US ally.

BuzzFeed News reached out to Slotkin to comment on the list. The communications officer, Austin Cook, said his office had been notified of Azov and the groups that had been disrupted after the letter from representatives was quoted by Reuters. But, Cook said, he wants to move forward with the groups that are in the group.

“We’re confident we can get a name,” Cook said.

Read Slotkin’s full letter here.

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