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Help! Am I Obsessed With My Workmates?


Dear OOO,

I am a middle-class employer and I love my friends. I regret, however, that I tell them too much sometimes. I like to wear my heart on my hands. Am I doing something wrong when I am not really understanding it?

– California

Very interesting questions for the author, or at least this A writer of technical articles, and real-life experiences that I cannot fully comprehend. Persuasion in your office? A co-worker taking history in the letters you wrote? I have never experienced this before and I am very impressed with it, which is a great way to experience professionalism online! The difficult distance that has come from an unknown source can be very helpful in formulating ideas that may be helpful to other people. When I lose this, I’m afraid I might just use my articles on instead of in the help desk, where they live.

This, California, is exactly the opposite of what I can’t understand. This is a question that touches my whole heart unsure about how to take good care of myself, how to be a co-worker, how to be a better person in the world. This is a question that was thrown at me three nights after you posted. I hate this question, because it’s my questions, and because I can’t say I’m an expert so I have no choice but to expose myself as a fool who always does anything when I walk. (All my past / present / future reports, please stop reading now.)

With the validity of my qualifications, let’s get inside. After reading your question several times, and talking to a number of friends who are also bosses, I am more confident about taking one: You are the best social supervisor. Employers who tend to be honest and conscientious enough to worry about how they affect their people are rarely available, and co-workers are more likely to be present.

Openness and openness are powerful things – but, they must be used with care. And none of us will ever have a good time. Thinking critically (emotionally?) About it is the only way to get your amount, so you are doing well.

You do not say if there are any other types of information that you do not share, so give me a moment, and come back to… me. As someone who is known as a “terrible liar” and “without countless faces,” I would not make many decisions when it comes to being honest in my relationships. But like you, I share your concerns that I may be overreacting. Everyone says they like to be exposed to their boss, but not all things are the same, and some can be more destructive than useful.

I think that, like me, your stress comes most often when you have an argument if you can explain a lot of the inconvenience that is going on in addition to your employees ’pay. Let’s say you are fighting against them yours boss changes that may affect the people who will report to you (which may not happen that I do not have real events). It doesn’t make sense to hide from co-workers if doing so would blind them later, but you also want to protect them from panic before it’s too late. I think that’s a very important question, that’s why you want to share more. Will your people really benefit from knowing? Will it help them make wise decisions or prepare them for something that comes next? Or just take your worries out of them and damage their emotional security? The times when I regretted being honest are what I do for myself about catharsis regardless of how the person I am talking to might be affected.

This is difficult, however, because if you have multiple reports, each of them will react differently to the latest updates. I’ve worked with some people who excel at knowing exactly the way sausages make, and some of the most popular distractions to grab anything that hasn’t been placed on the rocks. And offices are a place for gossip, so what you tell your reports of no worries often goes back to those who are most anxious. This can make you look like you’re playing a game in a way that also causes stress. So think carefully about the type of issue you are facing everyone know, and adapt your speech according to who you are telling.


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