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The end of the war between Israel and Hamas as the UN initiates the Gaza Strip | Gaza News

The ceasefire between Israel and Hamas took place on the third day as mediators spoke of all aspects of the peace process after the conflict erupted in the years in which at least 248 Palestinians, including 66 children, were killed by Israeli bombings.

Egyptian diplomats have been at loggerheads between Israel and the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, trying to end the conflict and are meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank.

Egypt’s foreign minister is due to meet with Jordanian officials on Sunday to discuss growing numbers and ways to restore peace in the Middle East.

On Sunday, in the devastated region of Gaza City, volunteers swept away dusty clouds at the edges of collapsed houses, while others pushed trash behind the wheelbarrow trailer.

Elsewhere, many Jews, armed with Israeli artillery, stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque in East Jerusalem, and continued fighting for hours after Palestinian religious leaders were beaten and tortured by Israeli police, according to Islamic sources.

According to witnesses, Palestinian news agency WAFA said Israeli police on Saturday beat up Palestinian worshipers who were praying in the morning at a mosque and “excessively beaten” to make way for Israeli Jewish heirs to seize the site – the third most holy Islamic shrine. .

Definition: Defenders and occupants of the country, the occupants attack the sacred Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Workers have removed boys from the Al-Aqsa Mosque in recent days.

Lynn Hastings, the UN’s humanitarian coordinator in Palestine, said on Sunday that the UN was calling for a reshuffle of human settlements, which were at risk of the spread of COVID-19.

“The increase has exacerbated the problems that already exist in Gaza, which has been going on for almost 14 years of division and political divisions, including the war,” Hastings said in a statement from Gaza.

“We must also ensure that we continue to address the needs of the past, including the consequences of the ongoing epidemic.”

The persecution of Israeli police on worshipers at the Al-Aqsa Mosque during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan and the threat of expulsion from Palestine from their homes in East Jerusalem has sparked protests throughout Palestine, which was disrupted by Israeli police as well.

Hamas, the Gaza-based group, has given Israel a deadline to end the seizure. The final moment passed in disarray, prompting Hamas to launch rockets into Israel, and Israel launched an anti-bomb campaign in Gaza.

Israel has closed Gaza since 2007, saying it would prevent Hamas from importing weapons.

United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken, speaking before the trip, reaffirmed Washington’s commitment to a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine to “have equal security, peace and dignity.”

Abdullah’s Jordan also emphasized the need for a comprehensive ceasefire in Gaza, saying “there is no alternative to the two countries’ agreement between Israel and Palestine.

King Abdullah called for “renewed efforts by Arabs and other countries to interpret the ban on firearms as a pact that will continue to be a political solution to the legitimacy of the Palestinian cause,” the court wrote on Twitter.

Officials on Saturday began distributing tents and mattresses in Gaza, while OCHA said at least 6,000 people had been displaced by the bombing.

Trucks carrying essential medicines, food and fuel entered Gaza on Friday via the crossing of Kerem Shalom Israel reopening.

Palestinian authorities set up funds to rebuild Gaza.

As he sat down to drink coffee under an olive tree near his dilapidated house in Gaza, Abou Yahya became furious.

“If I had 50 children, I would tell them to go and fight Israel,” he said. A plane crash in Israel hit his home last week, devastated it, and he promised to sleep on top of the garbage.

“My family has asked me to leave, so that I can not sleep here, but I will not be shaken,” he said. “Here’s my house”.

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