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Quantum drums can bring powerful electric machines


Small musical instruments may simply be the secret to the future of the amount of computers. Gizmodo reports those NIST researchers lies two miniscule (approximately the width of a human hair), drums closed with a large number of aluminum to measure their load and establish the basis of multiple networks.

The team used microwave ovens to provide angles of two types (one “cold and quiet,” the other unstable) that caught at a very precise level so that human devices could not match their connection. The scientists then measured the time difference in the head of the scroll and found that they could move at the same speed in different directions.

The NIST only increases the intrusion of about 200 microseconds even though the actual temperature does not need to be tested. However, it can be long enough to be used as miles by storing data and converting it from microwaves that can be sent to remote computers on networks. Some researchers have tried this before, but they have failed miserably under such pressure.

There is a lot of work left before it even reaches the outside of the lab. The research team wants the drums to work harder. This breakthrough proves to be a matter of time, however, the use of more internet networks can be very close.

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