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A former U.S. Army veteran and his son confessed to Tokyo on Monday that he had ruled that he had illegally assisted former Nissan Motor Co Ltd chairman Carlos Ghosn to flee Japan.

A former United States Army Special Force soldier and his son have pleaded guilty in Tokyo to illegally assisting former Nissan Motor Co Ltd chairman Carlos Ghosn to flee Japan after hiding in a box that boarded a special plane in December 2019.

Chief Justice Hideo Nirei, one of the three judges presiding over his first appearance in court, on Monday asked Michael Taylor and his son Peter if there was anything wrong with the Prosecutors’ Office case.

“Not your honor,” Elder Taylor replied. “No,” said her son.

Sent to Japan from the US in March, he is in the same prison in Tokyo where Ghosn was arrested. He could face up to three years in prison.

Dressed in black jackets and trousers, a white shirt and plastic closures, the two were taken to court with ropes tied to stockings and tied at the waist.

Opponents have accused them of helping Ghosn escape punishment and fleeing to Lebanon from Kansai airport in western Japan, receiving $ 1.3m in their services, some of which are donated to young Taylor’s advertising company. The Americans asked Ghosn for another $ 500,000 to give him Japanese money after he asked for his arrest, police said.

They also referred to young Taylor as a newcomer to Lebanon and said preparations for the flight began about six months before Ghosn fled.

Their statement also said that Ghosn’s wife Carole asked Michael Taylor for help, while Ghosn phoned him from Tokyo and a phone call he had hidden from Japanese officials.

A third person, George-Antoine Zayek, written by Taylor, traveled to Japan later in 2019 to find a way to protect himself at the airport, and stay at the state airport at Kansai airport as the best way out, police said.

Zayek remains great.

Properties that do not support the security system are then manually controlled. That check, may be withdrawn by the pilot.

Taylor’s lawyers in the US fought for several months to avoid being extradited to Japan, saying they could not be held accountable for helping someone “jump the bell” and that they could be subjected to constant torture and ill-treatment.

Suspects in Japan are questioned in the absence of their lawyers and are often denied bail before being tried.

The Japanese ratio is 99%.

At the time of Ghosn’s escape, he is expected to stand trial on charges of non-payment of Nissan $ 9.3 billion ($ 85m) in 10 years and enrich himself at the expense of his employer through a car dealership.

Ghosn – who denies any wrongdoing – remains a refugee, Lebanon, which has no alliance with Japan.

Greg Kelly, a former Nissan senior who has been accused of helping Ghosn hide his earnings, is being tried in Tokyo. He denies the allegations.

Taylor will also appear in court, the courtroom where Kelly is being held, on June 29, when their lawyers will present their case and Americans will be questioned.


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