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The EDF wants a review of the report that reports the end of radiation in China

The EDF, backed by the French government, says it wants to hold a special meeting of the nuclear watchdog in southern China to report possible radiation exposure.

In a statement on Monday, the EDF said it had “been informed of the increase in emissions” in the first plant at the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant, which is owned by China General Nuclear Power Corp. Fresh air and fossil fuels, such as helium, xenon and radon.

It added that the increase was “a well-known, well-studied, and technological process” but called for a special committee meeting to review the status quo.

In a statement posted on his page Sunday night, the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant said the two machines were working properly. “People [plant’s] The natural features and environment are not uncommon, “said the planter.

It added that the factory’s second burner had just finished repairing the pre-repairs and was reconnected to the power grid on June 10.

Taishan is 70% of the CGN, the rest belonging to the EDF. It is the world’s first nuclear plant using the European Pressurized Reactor – a Franco-German technology that has been plagued by delays and cost-cutting for two decades.

The first seed machine in Taishan went on sale in December 2018, while its second machine was re-launched in September 2019.

Taishan, a population of 1m, is located about 75km west of the Pearl River Delta, a densely populated part of the southern province of Guangdong. Hong Kong is about 140km from the power station.

CGN and EDF are also collaborating on the UK’s EPR nuclear plant, which is being built at Hinkley Point in Somerset.

Based on anonymous sources and documents, CNN announced on Monday that the EDF Framatome would soon inform the US government of the “danger posed by magic on this page and to the public”.

“Framatome is helping to solve the problem of work with the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant,” Framatome said in a statement on Monday, adding that “based on the findings, the plant is working in defense”.

The French government is following suit, according to officials.

CNN says President Joe Biden’s National Security Council is reviewing the situation but did not think the “problems” had been addressed.

The CGN declined to comment. The Taishan government and the China National Nuclear Safety Administration were not available for comment Monday, a holiday in China.

Nuclear power is at the heart of President Xi Jinping’s dream environmental goals, which includes achieving zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2060.

There are 50 nuclear reactors operating in China, accounting for about 5% of total electricity.

Additional reports of Qianer Liu reports in Shenzhen

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