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Terrible Violence in Israel – Palestine In Photography


At least Thirty people have been killed as the fighting escalated on Tuesday between Israel and Hamas, as Israeli forces set off car bombs in Gaza and an army fired stones at Israel.

More than a dozen Palestinian people, including women and children, are said to have been killed in a plane crash, which also resulted in them being killed. demolishing a 13-storey house in Gaza. The rockets fired indiscriminately from Gaza at least three live in Israel, where the projectiles flew to Tel Aviv.

A great video Israeli Defense Iron Dome lighting the sky at night when it found many rocks.

Recent violence erupted last week after Israeli police crack down on protesters. Expulsion of Palestinians from their homes in the area of ​​Sheikh Jarrah east of Jerusalem to build Israel’s roads.

Amnesty International criticism which described the brutal crackdown on protesters by Israeli security forces.

Israeli security forces also seized a mosque in the holy month of Ramadan, leaving hundreds injured. Hamas militants later shot dead Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu He said Hamas “paid, and will pay, a very heavy price for their brutality,” but the US is calling for calm and mitigation.

Tuesday, UN Secretary-General António Guterres, who already condemned Exiled east of Jerusalem, he is said to be “deeply disturbed” by “growing” of violence.

“The Israeli military needs to exercise greater restraint and exercise its powers,” the Secretary-General’s spokesman said He said, before adding: “The illegal entry of rockets and mud into Israeli settlements is unacceptable.”


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