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Hong Kong goods have failed to predict blacks

The forecasts on the Hong Kong stock market last year were disappointing as the specifics from the peak of the region’s surveillance on a single day were devastating.

Political uncertainty, travel restrictions linked to the Covid-19 epidemic and the UK’s idea of ​​opening a door to Hong Hongos holding passports for British National Overseas are expected to drop billions on property prices.

But the local stock market, not for the first time, has denied the predictions of a crash.

When rent rates fall, April Hong Kong’s Hong Kong stock buys more than double the price, according to Land Registry data. In the second market, house prices are about to rise by 23 years, according to estimates by manufacturing agency Centaline. Average home prices are only 2% of the shame on old hikes.

“Hong Kong is a unique market. There are always requirements from the type of buyer whose price is negligible. Add is always small. All of that has not changed, “said Derek Chan, chief research officer at Ricacorp Properties.

It was expected that the housing market would be affected by the UK idea of ​​a better way to have 3m citizens living in the area with the right access. BNO Passports.

In fact, about 310,000 BNO passports were issued last year, double last year. Another 153,300 Hong Kong residents are expected to settle in the UK this year, according to a British Home Office survey. Some of those with BNO certificates must have been consumers in the UK.

For Hong Kongers, London should look gorgeous. The market was the most valuable market in the world last year, with an average price of $ 1.2m, or $ 1,987 per sq ft, more than double in London. In addition, its living space offers one of the lowest prices in the world, at 1.8 percent. This compares with London’s average yield of 3.8% at the end of last year.

Yet neither of these two factors are particularly significant when it comes to investing in a well-to-do Chinese business. Over the past decade, domestic prices in Hong Kong have gained more than 200 percent. Mainland buyers with an eye on past returns are returning to the area to fill any gaps left by local people.

Buying accommodation in Hong Kong by Chinese Chinese buyers rose by 40% in the first two months of this year. The recent pressure from Beijing to establish an economic management agreement between mainland and Hong Kong should force more demand. It seems that some of the mainland as Beijing’s official seal on investing in Hong Kong.

“In the meantime, house prices should rise by 15% this year,” Chan said. He said it was well known that the Chinese customer demands were there, even though the border was closed between Hong Kong and China due to the epidemic. “When the borders reopen, there must be a significant increase.”

Designers in Hong Kong are quick to implement this. After selling the new ones, Road King Infrastructure and Sun Hung Kai have increased prices on their recent homes by 11%.

However in the stock market, Hong Kong’s manufacturers have been abandoned for the past year, leaving them completely useless. They sell at very low prices at a reasonable price, more than 50%, considered to have political problems and long-term damage in the city’s tourism industry.

In hindsight, however, profits from rising rents and goods in their Chinese economy have reduced weak rents and vacant land in Hong Kong. This provides income to those who are earning money from medium-sized enterprises in key cities such as Shenzhen and Shanghai, eliminating the heavy debt they are developing.

Designers in Hong Kong are financially sound and have the strongest papers among their peers around the world. For example, the volume of CK Asset’s securities – total debt compared to all shareholders – is only 4.8%, even lower than before the epidemic. This compares with 98% of their mainland counterparts Kaisa and 153% of Evergrande.

The failure to predict last year’s sadness has confirmed the potential for investors. They need to identify those who are developing in Hong Kong.

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