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Supreme Court in Brazil to hear appeals against Copa America | Story

The court will hear Thursday after the parties raised concerns about Brazil hosting a competitive match between COVID.

The Supreme Court of Brazil has accepted two applications to ban Copa America, in consultation with several groups and individuals caused anxiety about a South American country participating in a global game in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic.

Chief Justice Luiz Fux said Tuesday that “the case is special”, and it is expected that the 11-member court will hear the case on Thursday.

The ten-nation tournament is set to begin on Sunday and end on July 10.

But some coaches, players, members of the Brazilian Senate and others raised concerns about the race, saying it could worsen Brazil’s already airborne illness and death.

More than 16.9 million cases are said to have reached Brazil and more than 474,000 people have died – the second-highest rate in the world after the United States – according to a study by Johns Hopkins University.

Many Brazilians oppose President Jair Bolsonaro, a skeptic of COVID-19 who has denied government health measures to prevent the spread of the virus, due to the growing epidemic.

Senate Committee in April initiated an investigation how Bolsonaro used coronavirus, including whether it acted slowly and unnecessarily to protect the most important coronavirus vaccine.

But South American football association, CONMEBOL, confirmed Brazil as a recipient last week Colombia and Argentina were listed as allies for ongoing riots in the past, I ride COVID-19 Disease in the end.

On June 6, Senate committee members urged those planning to change the race. He also mentioned the low-cost vaccine in Brazil, saying that more than 10 percent of the population had received the first coronavirus vaccine since Friday across the country.

“Brazil does not provide sanitary protection in such international sports. In addition to giving a false sense of security and practice, contrary to the reality of the Brazilian population, it can strengthen social groups and set a bad example, “he said.

“We are not fighting the Copa America in Brazil or anywhere else. But we hope the tournament will wait until the country is ready for the tournament. ”

On Monday, the head of the World Health Organization’s emergency program said he had advised any host countries to be extra vigilant in dealing with emergencies.

“We would urge any country that can hold such a conference, especially in light of the spread of the community, to be more vigilant in ensuring that they have the right risks,” Ryan told reporters. “If this cannot be proven, states should reconsider their decision to hold a major conference.”

The poster says, ‘We don’t want a cup, we want a vaccine!’ Exit Bolsonaro ‘outside the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro on June 2nd [Pilar Olivares/Reuters]

The Supreme Court of Brazil has agreed to hear complaints from CNTM’s metalworkers’ and Congressman Julio Delgado and his Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB).

The agreement states that the conduct of the competition “is at the highest risk of causing the spread of the disease and the death of COVID-19”, the court said in a statement announcing its admission.

Delgado and the PSB are said to be responsible for “violating fundamental rights to life and health”, it said.

Several other objections to the contest were also filed in various courts, including one in the Supreme Court and the left Workers’ Party (PT) faction of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who is running as a candidate for Bolsonaro presidential election next year.

Brazilian officials say the game will take place without fans, a proper test of the team’s COVID-19 every 48 hours, travel restrictions and airlines that are registered to carry to play in four cities.

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