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Story 8 Pictures Of Things That May Oppose Your View of the World


This week was another worrying look at global climate change. We watched as China was flooded and wildfires continued into the Pacific Northwest. Photographer Marina Vitaglione used an old-fashioned photography technique to create world-class photos of air pollution in London, while Eva Marie Uzcátegui looked at the sand in Miami where the area’s most famous landmark is and should be destroyed.

Many articles paid tribute to the Indian artist Danish Siddiqui, who were killed while working in Afghanistan. His career had taken him around the world, and his report on the Rohingya refugee crisis won Pulitzer Prize in 2018. Delta’s diversity of coronavirus is growing, bringing fears of further closure. Todd Heisler and David Gonzalez The New York Times reported 115 workers who had retained New York City during the epidemic, though some of them were found to be unemployed.

Despite the growing epidemic, the Olympics began this week late in the year, which means all eyes are on the festival in Tokyo. And just for fun, we took a final look at France and the celebrities who did it all at Cannes.


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