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Six militants, Indian soldier killed in Kashmir: Police | Conflict Issues

Kashmiri militants have been fighting Indian forces for more than 30 years, demanding independence or alliance with neighboring Pakistan.

Indian government forces in Kashmir, India, have killed six suspected terrorists in two separate incidents overnight, police said. another bloody year in the opposite field.

“Six terrorists, including two Pakistanis, have been killed in two separate missions by security forces in Anantnag and Kulgam districts in Kashmir,” regional police chief Vijay Kumar said on Thursday.

An Indian soldier has also been killed in previous wars in southern Kashmir, Kumar said.

Terrorist groups have been fighting Indian forces for more than 30 years, demanding regional independence or integration with neighboring Pakistan, which also controls part of the region.

Authorities say at least 380 terrorists, about 100 civilians, and more than 80 soldiers have been killed in the area since August 2019.

This is where New Delhi eliminated the autonomous region was limited and brought under direct control, and added anger among the community and fostering the support of autonomy.

This year, the death toll was 264, compared to 321 in 2020, according to the South Asia Terrorism Portal.

Police say as a result of the increase in anti-terrorism activity, terrorism has dropped to 100 for the first time in the last decade.

Kumar, the police chief, told the Economic Times newspaper this week that about 70 percent of the youths who joined the terrorists this year were “killed or arrested”.

Most of those arrested are detained under strict anti-terrorism laws, called the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA).

The law allows people to stay in prison for up to six months – often overturned – without charge and theft is not possible.

One of those imprisoned since November is Khurram Parvez, Program Coordinator of the respected civil society, Jammu Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society (JKCCS).

December 1, UN Human Rights Office rebuke arrested on the grounds that UAPA “raises serious concerns about the right to self-determination along with other reasonable measures and the right to a fair trial”.

The Government of India stated that the statement “reflects the full misunderstanding of the OHCHR on the security problems that India is facing as a result of cross-border terrorism”.

Earlier this year, the opposition district testified a killing ordinary people, and terrorists who appear to be targeting non-Kashmiris, including refugee workers, as well as a small number of Hindus and Asikhs in the predominantly Muslim Kashmir Valley.

Indian troops stationed in the armed area – about 500,000 – responded with widespread unrest.

India has long criticized Pakistan for inciting terrorism in Kashmir which is controlled by India. Islamabad denies the allegations, saying it only provides diplomatic support and ethics for the Kashmiri people to govern themselves.

Two nuclear powers fought two thirds of the wars in the region and approached another in 2016.

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