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Royals Unveil When Prince Philip Dies


“You know it’s going to happen but you’re not really ready,” Princess Anne said in a statement expressing grief over the death of her father.

Monday, April 11, 2021, at 12:56 pm ET

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Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip with their children at Buckingham Palace in 1972

The four children of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II shared a tribute to their father this week following Death of the Duke of Edinburgh.

“You know it’s going to happen but you’re not really ready,” the second oldest daughter, Princess Anne, said in a statement released Sunday. “My father has been a mentor, a supporter and an opponent, but in particular he is an example of how to live a life of ease and free service that I want to emulate.”

The prince, the longest-serving royal companion in British history, died “peacefully” on Friday at the age of 99, a royal family He said. Her death came just weeks after she was released from the hospital where she received treatment for an infectious disease and underwent heart surgery.

“I would like to say that the family deeply appreciates the messages and memories of the many people who were also affected by their lives,” said Anne. “We will miss him but he has left a legacy that will inspire us all.”

Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, and Edward’s wife Sophie, a Wessex Countess, spoke to British journalists on Sunday after attending church at the Royal Chapel of All Saints in Windsor.

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Prince Philip and his four children in 2002.

Andrew, the third of the couple’s four children, said Duke’s death “brought home to me not only our own loss” but also the death of those who had lost loved ones during the coronavirus epidemic.

“He was an amazing person,” Andrew said. “We have lost almost all of these great-grandfathers. And I feel sorry for and support my mother who is hearing this and I think maybe more than anyone else.”

Andrew, who said he left the royal court following his analysis He joins Jeffrey Epstein, The Queen reported on the death of her husband of more than 70 years “after leaving a great need in her life.”

“We have lost almost all of our grandfathers” Prince Andrew describes the President of Edinburgh as “a strange man” and says his death has left a “great need” for Queen

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Edward, the last of the four, said of his father’s death that, “No matter how hard he tries to prepare himself, it’s still amazing.”

Prince Charles made the remarks during a public address on Saturday, to explain his father as “a very special man, who I think would most of all be amazed at what he did and the touching things that were said about him.”

“We, my family, are very grateful for all of this,” said Charles. “It will help us with this loss and in this difficult time.”

Officials at Buckingham Palace announced Saturday that the prince’s funeral will take place on Saturday in St. Louis. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle at a small ceremony.

Prince Harry has traveled to the UK to attend the ceremony The funeral, but Meghan’s wife, the Duchess of Sussex, remains in the US where she is expected to become pregnant.


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