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Google claims to have offered advertising opportunities with unique services


Texas thinks it could have limits a lawsuit against Google. MLex and Wall Street Journal found unconfirmed court documents showing that Google had run a program, Project Bernanke, which allegedly offered the opportunity to advertise its opponents. The online giant used notifications from advertisers’ sites to guide advertisers to the price they would pay for advertising, but did not say this to advertisers. This made it easier for local businesses, Texas said, because it was able to use the same information to create conflicting strategies to buy advertisers and pay fewer publishers.

An internal show from 2013 showed that Project Bernanke had managed to make $ 230 million that year. Texas saw this as evidence that Google is taking advantage of its opportunities.

Google acknowledged Bernanke’s presence in court documents, but said there was nothing wrong with it. This was “similar” to what you would find with other marketing tools, according to the company. The prophet told a WSJ that Texas’s complaint “misrepresents” large parts of its advertising business, and that it seeks to sue the government in court. It showed the determination of the UK regulators that there is no chance.

Whatever the correct translation, the court shows how Texas wants to pursue its lawsuits – believing that Google is making past appearances, as reported “darling does” with Facebook, to prove itself competitive and competitive. The government may have a strong case if the court agrees with what is said, but it could be in serious trouble if there is a disagreement.


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