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Queen Elizabeth says “unknown laughter does not exist” in a Christmas word | Stories

The British monarch said that although Christmas was a joyous occasion for many, it would be difficult for those who have lost loved ones to death.

The British Queen Elizabeth spoke of the loss of her husband, Prince Philip, in memory of the “evil flash” in her eyes in a strange Christmas message to the nation.

Speaking on TV on Saturday, the queen said she knew Philip would want his family to enjoy Christmas, and that he understood the hardships of having a holiday “with one laugh missing”.

The 95-year-old king said that although Christmas was a happy time for many, it could be difficult for those who have lost loved ones, and this year they understood why. lost Philip, 99, in April after 73 years of marriage.

“His sense of service, his curiosity and his ability to laugh at everything were immutable,” he said in his pre-recorded congratulatory speech, in honor of “my dear Philip”.

He said: “The shocking light from the fire was as bright as the first glow.

Elizabeth gave her address while sitting at a desk with a picture of Philip, holding hands and smiling. The photo was taken in 2007, when the couple recorded their diamond wedding anniversary.

At the launch, the queen wore a sapphire brown dress that she wore to her wedding in 1947 and to a diamond wedding photo. Pictures of him and Philip at various stages of their lives appeared in the window as they spoke.

‘Human tone’

According to London reports, Andrew Simmons of Al Jazeera said it was unusual to see the queen “talking privately”, but “it was a very sad year for her”.

“He described him as my dear Philip … saying he could mess up anything,” Simmons said.

He added that the presence of children was important in celebrating Christmas in the royal family, Simmons said.

Elizabeth is the longest reigning king in British history, in 2015 he found his grandmother Queen Victoria. [File: Suzanne Plunkett/Reuters]

Also on Saturday, British police said a 19-year-old man had been arrested for breach of security inside Windsor Castle.

“The man has been arrested on suspicion of trespassing or trespassing and possession of a firearm. He is still in prison at the moment, “Thames Valley police superintendent Rebecca Mears said.

The man did not enter any house, he said.

Elizabeth is living Christmas at Windsor Castle, west London, for the second year in a row, abandoning royal rituals triggered by the COVID-19 plague. A royal source said this indicates a way to protect themselves as Omicron species spread rapidly.

Close relatives are expected to visit him, including their eldest son, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla. He did not expect to be seen in public.

Usually, all Windsor people gather at Christmas in a house in the Sandringham area of ​​eastern England. Their move to a nearby church for Christmas is a big part of the royal calendar.

It is the British daily statistics of COVID hit notes, the queen last week canceled the Christmas lunch before her family, and for the sake of prevention.

In his message, he also spoke of the upcoming platinum year, which will start in February and will last 70 years on the throne. As the longest-serving king in British history, in 2015 he acquired his grandmother Queen Victoria.

He said he hoped the celebration would be an opportunity for people “grateful for the dramatic changes of the last 70 years, cultural, scientific and cultural, as well as looking forward to the future with confidence”.

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