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There Is No Way Back Home And Trying To Win A Oscar

Tom Holland as Peter Parker in Spider-Man: No Way Home, looking at his phone.

Picture: Sony / Marvel Studios

Say that Spider-Man: No Return Home and success may reduce things. Tom Holland’s third solo release as head of the internet is beats of various kinds and is currently expected to break into the $ 1 billion box office over the weekend. But that is not enough for Marvel, whose films this year have been excellent the best of the boxes. They want gold, baby, they want …and Oscar!

In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Kevin Feige of Marvel Studios and chairman of Sony Tom Rothman thinks the film should be shot to get the Best Picture, which only once happened by Black Panther at Oscars 2019. (Failed to Green Book that year, to strengthen his star, Mahershala Ali, asking Marvel if could be a Blade.) Rothman protested There Is No Way Home The best box office and being “advanced movie production” can not be ignored in the coming awards season. “Moral advertising is hard to do … And this is what the Academy should be linked to.” Meanwhile, Feige compared the video to Return to the King, to say that the film became like “our celebration Our return trilogy and with five other incarnations a Spider-Man what happened in the past. “

Earlier this month, Feige talked about how he believes the Academy was racist to Cape Town films, saying the studio “always disappeared because of the Marvel logo and because of the existing racism.” It’s the ideas that Rothman and co-creator Amy Pascal share, and the latter points out that all movies are important, even those with the most valuable elements that shoot each other. In addition, he hopes that because several members of the Academy board grew up with Spidey’s old movies, he has a chance to give the film its due. “I think it would be good for the Academy to recognize all kinds of movies. And I hope that since there are 10 established movies, and since there is a new membership, it probably will.”

To support this project, Sony and Marvel are planning to have a regular Thinking campaign, so as not to add to it. There Is No Way Home for the sole purpose of promoting the membership of the Academy, to reflect the light and dialogue that these epidemic periods allow. In the past, Marvel tried to find the FYC campaign Avengers: Endgame, but the Academy strongly stated a “no” other than choosing it to look good, which it lost 1917. Based on some of the previously published ones Forever director Chloe Zhao shot Feige’s ideas with a helpful space as well natural lighting, sounds like he was expecting that one being their Oscar film, but the film looks like fizzled out. But it is There Is No Way Home with the box office breaking, keeping the movie theater during the holidays, and just giving fans what they want, the two companies are laying all their eggs in this basket.

Whether you think there is prejudice against the highest quality movies on the Oscars (there is a genre, especially for upper part reward), the two studios may have eyes larger than their belly in the future. When There Is No Way Home it’s very good, it does not do anything that has not happened in the last ten years, and that it has already been linked to ten other films does not suit anything. Manufacturers and Rothman may object There Is No Way Home it speaks of “a personal sacrifice” and “the best,” but it is actually a movie that is there to sell you something — some of which you have unanimously recalled. well in the past, or something that will sell you for a few years and sell you another something.

We’ll see if the Academy agrees There Is No Way Home as a candidate for the prize for unskilled prizes, at least for any win, in the coming months. In the meantime, tell us: do you think the movie is eligible for Oscars, what is it?

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