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Pfizer begins exporting COVID shots from US: Report | Business and Financial Issues


The first U.S. Pfizer shooting standards for COVID-19 that were shipped to Mexico were forced into the US to help other countries.

Pfizer Inc’s shipment of its COVID-19 vaccine to Mexico this week includes a number of drugs manufactured in the United States, the first of which is expected to export their shotgun to the US, a well-known source told Reuters.

The shipped vaccine, manufactured at the Pfizer plant in Kalamazoo in Michigan state, shows for the first time that the manufacturer has been exporting it from US offices after banning Trump’s exports at the end of March, a source said Thursday.

The US government has been under intense pressure in recent weeks to provide more vaccines to other countries in need because it continues to vaccinate its citizens. Many HIV-infected countries are struggling to find a vaccine to help control the epidemic.

Pfizer will use additional power at its US headquarters to deliver the COVID-19 shot abroad while continuing to fulfill its commitment to the US. the source tells Reuters [File: Eric Gaillard/Reuters]

Wealthy governments have been trying to destroy the COVID-19 shot from Pfizer and Moderna Inc for its high efficiency and after the safety and design crises stopped the AstraZeneca Plc and Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

Pfizer has exported more than 10 million varieties to Mexico so far, becoming the largest supplier of COVID-19 vaccine.

Pfizer and its German counterpart BioNTech SE have been exporting doses from its largest European plant in Belgium.

Mexico’s health ministry said it was receiving two million from Pfizer this week. They have received more than a million dollars from Belgium since Wednesday and are expecting about another million this week. Reuters could not confirm if all remaining Pfizer models would come from Michigan.

Pfizer will use more force in its U.S. presence to fire guns while continuing to fulfill its commitment to the United States, the source said, adding that the manufacturer will be exporting from Belgium.

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Pfizer said it will make up to 25 million shots each week in the US by the middle of the year, which is more than what is needed to meet their commitment to delivering the 300 million U.S. package by the end of July.

The company expects to launch an estimated 2.5 billion vaccines by 2021 and already has a partnership to provide more than a billion to governments worldwide.

Pfizer has shipped more than 10 million versions of its COVID-19 vaccine to Mexico so far, becoming the largest supplier [File: Henry Romero/Reuters]

Pfizer, signed by the White House last year, banned US currency exports until March 31, according to a source and U.S. official, who declined to be named because he was not allowed to speak to reporters.

Vaccination work in the US has been the fastest and most successful in the world, with nearly 240 million shots fired to more than 140 million people so far, according to a government launch Thursday.

The White House on Monday sent up to 60 million AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines manufactured in the US to countries in need.

Officials said Monday the United States no longer expects the AstraZeneca vaccine to achieve its goal of having a full-fledged shot in the United States by the summer-hemisphere summer.

The U.S. government on Sunday said it would send COVID-19 vaccine, medical equipment and immunizations to India, which has been at the peak of the epidemic and its health system is on the verge of collapse. It has not yet received the final vaccination in India.


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