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The Indians are outraged when the world’s richest sport is played

The Indian Premier League has caused outrage at playing violent Covid-19 waves in the country, chanting “crass” cases and changing the requirements for emergency warfare.

Several players including Ravichandran Ashwin, the undefeated Prime Minister of India, and three Australians withdrew from this week’s cricket tournament due to complaints Stories growing in India.

386,000 cases worldwide are on the rise, and 3,500 people are said to have died, which experts believe is extremely low.

Matches in IPL, money circulating cricket union which attracts the highest technology in the world, continues to the capital of New Delhi and Ahmedabad. Cities are one of the most affected cities in the country, facing each other shortness of breath, blood tests, ambulances and hospital beds, where patients die without treatment.

In contrast, IPL players and partners in these cities only have “biosecure” tumors, frequent tests and access to emergency medical services that critics claim should be used to support health care. The game was played without spectators.

The New Indian Express reported that this week it would ban the publication of the competition, which says “trade is over”. In an editorial, it was reported that “the sound of an ambulance drowns out the sound of the skins meeting the sweet spot of the willow”.

Workers have disrupted the funerals of Covid-19 victims in New Delhi. India has written the world’s latest statistics on the number of diseases in each day © Getty Images

Australian fast chef Andrew Tye, one of the contestants, said he was worried about going overseas because of a ban on flight, which Canberra had ordered from now on.

He also expressed sympathy for the contestants, telling Australia’s SEN radio station: “Looking at India, these companies and franchises and how much money the government is spending on the IPL when there are people who cannot be admitted to the hospital?”

Gary Lineker, a former English actor and journalist, wrote on Twitter that “it seems very wrong for [the IPL] continuing to be given the Covid disaster taking place in India. People are dying faster than they are fighting from crying out loud. ”

Since its inception in 2008, the IPL has transformed cricket with its athleticism. The competition, which started this month and ends on May 30, usually lasts one of the best Annual events for brands and designers.

Investors have noted that the IPL plays a key role. The Disney TV news also added a message to help people spread the word and encourage viewers to follow epidemic guidelines such as wearing masks. “It’s a great way for the government to help more people,” said the contestant.

Pat Cummins, who also loves fast cooking in Australia, donated $ 50,000 to a charity fund owned by Narendra Modi, India’s Prime Minister. “Playing every night for three, four hours I hope helps people stay home,” he said He said. “We can help them every day.”

Concerned about the migration of foreign players, the Board of Control for Cricket in India has promised to bring them all home at the end of the season even internationally travel restrictions and India.

Scott Morrison, Australia’s Prime Minister, says there is no special way to bring back IPL players.

Sushant Singh, senior at the Center for Policy Research, said the competition could allow regulators to “show off” in times of crisis.

The cricket authorities in India are nearby He cooperates with the authorities. BCCI Secretary Jay Shah is the son of Amit Shah, Interior Minister and right-hand man Narendra Modi.

Singh said the tournament should be held in another country, such as the United Arab Emirates, which hosted the IPL last year. “If you were to stay in the UAE you would not be giving back,” he said.

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