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Pakistan wants US to end Gaza conflict | Conflicts between Israel and Palestine Issues


US statement following talks between Pakistan FM Qureshi and US Secretary of State Blinken did not mention Gaza.

Kalulushi, Zambia – Pakistan has expressed “deep concern and pain” over what is happening in the Palestinian-occupied territories and emphasizes “the importance of [a] The US role is to “solve the problem,” Pakistan said.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke to Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi by telephone on Sunday, according to all governments.

However, the US statement did not mention the Israeli-Palestinian talks.

“People [Pakistani] The Secretary of State has informed Secretary Blinken of deep concern over the concerns of the Pakistani people over the deterioration of Israeli aid in the Palestinian Territories and stressed the importance of [a] “The role of the US in ensuring the need for solutions to problems, to restore peace, and to support the right solution,” he read in a statement from Pakistan.

U.S. State Spokesman Ned Price said the talks focused on peace in Afghanistan, anti-terrorism activities and improved trade relations.

“[Secretary Blinken] it also highlighted the importance of lasting co-operation in the Afghanistan peace process, Pakistan’s efforts to fight terrorism, and its potential to strengthen trade and trade relations and facilitate regional integration in South Asia, “he quoted briefly from the U.S. Department of State.

On Monday, Qureshi condemned “ non-racial “terrorists in Israel after meeting with Pakistan’s Palestinian ambassador to Pakistan Ahmed Jawad Rabaei [File: Anjum Naveed/AP Photo]

The Pakistani statement confirmed the progress of anti-terrorism laws and Afghanistan’s peace measures, while Pakistan “emphasized the need” for US troops in Afghanistan.

The Israeli air raid on the Gaza Strip continues Monday morning after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu He said His country’s bombing in Gaza would have continued “with full force”.

At least 42 Palestinians were killed and several others injured in a bomb blast in Palestine.

Since the recent violence began last week, at least 192 people, including 58 children and 34 women, killed in Gaza Strip.

The Qureshi and Blinken talks were part of a recent round of talks on Pakistan over violence in Gaza, which follows a series of talks with the foreign minister of the Palestinian Authority, and foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia, China, Turkey, Egypt, Sudan, Afghanistan and China.

On Monday, Qureshi met with Palestinian Ambassador to Pakistan Ahmed Jawad Rabaei, and was “accused” [the Israeli army’s] relentless and indiscriminate attacks “on civilians,” Pakistanis say.

On Thursday, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan spoke with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, “confirm[ing] Pakistan supported the rights of the Palestinian people and their legitimate war, ”said Khan’s office.


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