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Announcing WIRED Resilience Residency


Delivery method because the Resilience Residency is now closed. We will announce the citizens of 2021 in June.

Amidst the epidemic, climate change, and technological advances that continue to undermine almost every way of life, the past year has been a bellwether operating in the US. At WIRED, we believe that some of the people who are best at tackling this sudden change – from the aging process to the high-tech and all-inclusive – are people who know the industry internally. That is why we are launching a new program called WIRED Resilience Residency. Aimed at professionals whose work has been inspired by these forces, the Resilience Residency provides a unique opportunity for non-journalists to cover dynamic stories from changing communities and initiate new future discussions.

For more than six months, starting in June, citizens will join a governing body that has won awards at WIRED for its corporate identity. The artist is able to tell how the actors are reviving theater, dance, and live music. An urban planner can see how cities are changing as a result of the epidemic. The task can be of many types, including notes, captions, data viewers, podcasts, videos, drives and other methods. WIRED will announce the activities of its occupants throughout the program. In doing so, citizens become familiar with WIRED reports and documents, receive feedback on their work, and engage with professional staff.

Our goal is for everyone – citizens, WIRED employees, and our audience – to benefit from the exchange of expertise, ideas, and experiences. To do this, we invite and encourage participants from areas not mentioned, as well as from industries that are not available on our site. WIRED is a book on change, and we want our description to reflect the various changes taking place around the world.

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The deadline for issuing WIRED Resilience Residency equipment has expired. Subsequent equipment cannot be considered.

Interested followers will be required to provide:

  • Letter covering up to 500 words self-identifying and expressing your interest in WIRED and the residency program
  • CV or CV
  • Most contact details of at least two expert testimonials, including their name, affiliates, and email
  • The goal of the word-for-800 project is to explain how you plan to hide in your company by spending six months at WIRED. These tips do not need to tell the story in detail, but they should give us information on what you want to look for in your field and how to present your material. Other questions to guide you: How are technology or epidemics changing your market, and how do they affect people? What changes do you enjoy the most? What changes do you worry the most about? What stories or ideas about this story do you not see in the media here, and how can you use them? How can that be Wired ‘Do resources support this?

Followers have the opportunity to include work examples, via links or PDFs, that illustrate the skills or experiences relevant to the request. This could include examples of articles or published research, worksheets, community service activities, public speaking, and much more. Examples like these are not necessary in your writing, but how they can help us determine how to complete the task, are recommended.


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