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One of Joe Biden’s First Deeds as President Reconciles in Paris


A few hours after he was sworn in as president of the United States, Joe Biden made his debut at the White House, including the signing of a new executive committee to reconcile the Paris climate deal.

As a result, the U.S. is legally returning to its former commitment to reduce temperatures to below 2 degrees Celsius in 30 days. The U.S. terminated the treaty on November 4, 2020, the day after the presidential election, led by former President Donald Trump.

“The cry for survival comes from [the] the world itself, “Biden said his opening words, “Crying that cannot be expressed or diminished.”

The Paris agreement has been more devoted than it has been. To Trump’s superiors, ditching contract indicated that The US has resigned as a climate leader to live in an oil-dependent world. Now, under the direction of Biden, the move – part of the speed of the initial action Restoring Trump’s views on everything from immigration to epidemics – signifies that the country is more committed than ever to tackling climate change.

Even before Biden signed the decree, climate change began to be praised.

“Welcome back to the Paris climate agreement,” said French President Emmanuel Macron.

“At the resumption of the agreement in Paris, President Biden will soon announce that it is a new day for the US to participate in climate change,” said Helen Mountford, vice president of climate and finance at the World Resources Institute. “In order to reaffirm trust, this must be in line with the US goal of 2030 and increase economic investment in high-risk countries.”

The need for action has not been so urgent, as the world needs extreme heat for above 3 degrees Celsius compared to pre-existing standards if nothing can change. Last week, scientists announced that 2020 had successfully built 2016 as very hot year. In the US, heavy rains and wildfires last year caused it multiple disasters that cause damage to $ 1 billion.

Biden launched a brutal climate campaign for anyone wishing to become President, including repeated attempts to return to Paris on the first day of his presidency.

Since Biden won the election, incoming supervisors called for him Climate change is among the most important and at once began to lay the foundation for a major change.

The revolutionary party announced in November that John Kerry, the former secretary general of Barack Obama’s administration, would take part in the re-election as a special envoy for the climate change. In that capacity, Kerry will oversee international relations in the country, including participation in the Paris agreement.

Then, in December, a reform group unveiled plans for the White House Office of Domestic Climate Policy, directed by Gina McCarthy, Obama’s former head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

While Democrats are now leading the House of Representatives with fewer people, Biden is expected to rely heavily on regulatory and new laws to establish its climate change. Giving bold legislation through a highly divided Congress, with many Republican members still questioning the importance of the crisis and helping to keep relying on oil, should be a major problem.

As part of Biden’s climate program, it is urging law enforcement agencies to review various climate laws that have already been finalized under the auspices of automotive fuel and standards, methane emissions, performance and efficiency measures. He is also setting up an Interagency Working Group on the Social Cost of Greenhouse Gas and revoking the approval of the president of the Keystone XL oil pipeline.


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