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Google Warns Of Searching Out A Search From Australia If Forced To Pay Journalists Satisfaction


Google has threatened to pull off search engines from Australia, a country with more than 20 million internet users, if the government imposes a law that would require technology platforms to pay journalists to display content on search results.

“If this kind of [media] If the code were legal, we would have no choice but to stop using Google Search in Australia, “Melanie Silva, Google’s vice president of Australia and New Zealand, told the Senate Economics Legislation Committee on Friday, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

The statement was made shortly after Facebook, which appeared to Google at a Senate meeting, he asked the country for a period of six months of kindness to allow it to enter into an agreement with the real estate market before complying with the law.

Google and Facebook have been discussing Australian law and government since December 2019. The country has been trying to be the first to force two technologies, which absorb a lot of digital advertising money around the world, to pay for displaying content from journalists who have been directly beaten as a result. The move could have serious consequences around the world, including in the United States.

A few hours before Silva, Google spoke he agreed to pay for new publications in France to show content. But in Australia, the company said that looking for a pay-per-view platform violates a key principle of the internet – the ability of pages to be able to communicate freely.

“Just as you do not pay to include hyperlinks in email, websites and search engines do not pay to be able to link to other pages,” Google wrote in blog post. “It would be like asking a mobile operator to pay businesses to integrate them – it doesn’t make sense.”

In response to Silva’s remarks, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison refused to back down. “We don’t respond to anything,” he said he told reporters in Brisbane. “Australia makes our rules about what you can do in Australia. This has happened in our Parliament. It has happened in our government. This is how things are going here in Australia.”


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