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Officials Morgan Stanley speaks boldly after returning to office

Morgan Stanley chief executive James Gorman sent a stern message to workers in New York who did not want to return to office, saying that if they were free to dine in the city then they should be safe to work at the bank’s headquarters.

“If you go to a restaurant in New York City, you can come in and we want you in the office,” Gorman said Monday at a financial conference hosted by Morgan Morgan.

Gorman said the bank had not yet started “ordering” the workers to return to work, in contrast to Goldman Sachs, who on Monday demanded that employees return to office. However, Gorman said he had sent a “very strong” message that he wanted the staff at 1585 Broadway’s home to return to their desks.

“[By] On Labor Day, I am disappointed that people have not found a way to enter the office and then we will discuss it differently, “Gorman said of the September 6 public holiday in the US.

Gorman said the bank had learned that it could function “with minimal flexibility” during the coronavirus epidemic. But he pointed out that he could see a few employees who do not work full-time in the office especially those who want to work their jobs away from a foreign area like Florida or Colorado.

“If you want to get paid in New York, you work in New York,” he added.

In March last year, Gorman contracted the virus and developed complete recovery. Since July 2020, he has been coming to work and is gradually increasing his days in office.

“My leadership has been deliberate,” he said. “One day a week from July. . . I now have four days. ”

However, workers in high-risk areas, such as India, are not expected to go to the office, Gorman said.

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He also said that returning to the office is very important for young workers who are learning the trade. “[The office is] where we teach, where our students learn. That’s the way we make people. Where you create the best things that happen as a result of having a good job that doesn’t just add Zoom. ”

More than 90% of Morgan Stanley employees who were already working in their offices received the vaccine, Gorman said, adding that he expects the number to increase to 98%. The bank recently liaised with health workers to provide vaccinations to its offices.

Morgan Stanley said disclosure of the vaccine would be voluntary, unlike Goldman Sachs, who ordered for co-workers to disclose if they have a jab.

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