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YouTube prohibits gambling and online advertising on the front page


does not allow to allow other types of advertising in the masthead, ad unit that appears at the top of the landing page. Other electoral and political campaigns, as well as those related to gambling, alcohol and drug abuse, are from appearing in that place.

You will not see advertisements for online gambling, online gambling, or online casino games running at the top of the landing page. Also ads that represent a politician will no longer appear. Political ads may still appear, but YouTube will check them out again, according to . Modified policies work immediately.

The YouTube homepage is one of the most widely available pages in the world and masthead is the best place to sell advertisers. YouTube has gone from allowing them to take the masthead all day, instead switching to the type of promotional product. Donald Trump’s re-election campaign on election day in November, before the change took place.

“We regularly check our advertisements to make sure they match what advertisers and users are doing,” Google told . “We hope the changes will complement the changes we made last year on masthead maintenance and will benefit users better.”

Google after the election on the day of the election. The company did this again for a whole month at Capitol Hill in January.

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