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Number of deaths in Palestine in Gaza, living in West Bank mounts: Live | Middle East News


The death toll from a Israeli bomb blast near the siege has risen to 139, while 11 have been killed by Israeli troops in the West Bank.

The Israeli bombing on the Gaza Strip continued for the fifth day in a row, as Israeli airstrikes hit the refugee camp where 10 Palestinians, including eight children, were killed.

On Saturday morning, paramedics continued to try to retrieve the bodies under the rubble as many people believed he was dead. Hamas, the group that oversees the siege, responded to recent threats by firing on several Israeli rocks in the southern Israeli towns of Askhelon and Ashdod. No injuries were reported.

At least 139 Palestinians, including 40 children, have been killed in Gaza since Monday. Another 950 were injured. In the West Bank in the West Bank, Israeli forces have said so killed at least 11 Palestinian protesters are protesting against the ongoing occupation of Israel and the bombing of Gaza. Fighting between Israeli police and Palestinian protesters continued into the night in East Jerusalem.

At least eight people in Israel have also been killed. Israeli forces say hundreds of rockets have been moved from Gaza to various parts of Israel and have added additional missiles near the eastern part of the country.

As the violence escalates, the economic crisis intensifies with thousands of Palestinian families hiding in United Nations-run schools in northern Gaza fleeing Israeli weapons. The UN estimates that about 10,000 Palestinians have left their homes in Gaza inside Israel.

Palestinians were set up on Saturday to commemorate the 73rd anniversary cleansing the nations from their homeland and Zionist armies to form the state of Israel. The event is called the Nakba, or “Woe”, in Palestinian history.

Here are some recent updates:

‘I’m really dying’

Nabil Abu al-Reesh, a doctor on the Gaza Strip, wrote his Israeli story about a three-story house on the edge of the al-Shati camp.

“We are still trying to find more bodies and are trying to understand who they are,” al-Reesh said.

“This is a murder that we can’t describe in words,” he said.

“I do not know how she survived,” he added, pointing to the only survivor of a family killed by an Israeli warplane.

“She may have survived to see what happened to her entire family,” he said.

The injuries were reported during a Palestinian protest in the West Bank

The injuries have been reported in the West Bank following clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli security forces.

Shehab media coverage of a protest by Palestinians carrying their wounded friends on Saturday morning in Nablus near the Hawara checkpoint

Earlier on Saturday, thousands of worshipers who came from morning prayers in Nablus joined a rally in the city against the Israeli occupation and the recent bombing of Gaza.

Shelling reported to Khan Yunis in Gaza

Israeli gunfire is said to have hit a farm east of the Gaza Strip of Khan Yunis.

Safa Press also reported on Saturday that bullets had been recovered on the coast of Gaza.

There were no recent reports of injuries or damage to property.

The body of a child rescued from the ruins of Gaza after an Israeli bomb exploded

A Gaza medical team has recovered the body of a child following the explosion of Israeli homes in al-Shati camp.

Several people are missing and are believed to be buried under the rubble of the site of the bombing.

Thousands of people have gathered in Nablus to condemn the Israeli occupation

Thousands of Palestinians marched to protest the Israeli occupation and to continue bombing Gaza.

The protesters were returning home after dawn prayers when they joined the group in the city of Nablus, according to a video posted on television by Safa Press.

An Israeli plane crashes into a home in Shujayea

Safa Press reports that an Israeli airstrike hits and destroys homes in the Shujayea region of Gaza City.

There were no immediate reports of injuries.

Shujayea was the site of a deadly bomb blast in Israel in 2014 that killed several civilians. The incident was described as “mass murder”.


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