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Apple Employee Claims Apple To Know Its ‘Misogynistic’


Illustration of Ex-Apple Employee Claims Company Known About His & # 39;  Misogynistic & # 39;  Writing is hiring him

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Former Apple employee Antonio García Martínez has denied the allegations high-ranking this week and it is said that Apple is aware of what it has already written that insults women and people of color, which he was convicted from the workers this week, before it offered a chance to get a job.

“Apple knew exactly what I had written before hiring me. What I was saying was questioned about my best book and my experts (instead of writing), ”he wrote. Twitter thread Friday. “I’m no different from Apple. They fired me from Apple for making a quick choice,” he said.

“Apple has released a statement that clearly shows that there were some atrocities with me during my time at Apple. This is ridiculous and false,” Martínez said. He also said that Apple had “invited him” to his job with the advertising industry, even to arrest one of his co-workers to “persuade” him to do the job.

Wednesday, almost said that Apple employees had filed a petition challenging his employment and asked for an investigation. A story that is disputed by Martínez’s reputation Violent Monkeys, which describes his journey from Wall Street to Silicon Valley. Request, which you can read in full Pano, cites “racist and sexist terms” from his writings, such as when he describes Bay Area women as “weak and weak, stupid and ignorant even though they are patriotic, and often shy.”

In a statement, Facebook’s former sales manager writes: “There were very few women who could be called beautiful on Facebook. Few were more commonly dressed for work with their femininity portrayed as dresses and heels.”

Officials at Apple said Martínez’s “incorrect” statements were inconsistent with Apple’s views on diversity and inclusion. He also asked Apple to explain how the recruiting team had missed out or ignored his comments before giving him the job.

A few hours after the Verge report, Apple reported Bloomberg that it severed ties with Martínez.

“At Apple, we have been working hard to create an integrated, welcoming work environment where everyone is respected and accepted,” an Apple spokesman told this. “Behaviors that demean or discriminate against people on the basis of their status have no place here.”

Apple declined to comment on his departure and did not say what name Martínez was, but sources said he was hired as a sales engineer for Apple’s marketing team, according to Bloomberg. Apple has not immediately responded to Gizmodo’s request for comment, but we will update this blog as soon as it is completed.

The maker of the iPhone and other tech giants over and over again supervision their various unemployment rates. Apple recently various statistics Show that 66% of the workforce is male and 47% are white despite the dramatic increase in the number of women, Spanish, Latino, and Workers in recent years.


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