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Netanyahu’s controversy over the legitimacy of the opposition to the Prime Minister has been rejected Stories by Benjamin Netanyahu

The last legal challenge with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to bar a rival who wants to lead a new government has been rejected while his opponents want to form a coalition that could establish him.

Naftali Bennett, Netanyahu’s former security minister, announced on Sunday that he had joined a coalition against political leader Yair Lapid, the first Prime Minister to be exchanged.

He stays up until midnight (21:00 GMT) to give a final agreement to Rivlin, who gave Lapid the task of forming a new government after Netanyahu failed to do so in a by-election on March 23.

Hoping to reach the end, Lapid, Bennett and other party leaders met to finalize the agreement, sources said in a statement.

In a letter to legal advisers to the president and parliament, Likud’s self-proclaimed Likud said Lapid was not allowed to resign from his position in Bennett.

But President Reuven Rivlin’s office said in response there was no legitimate reason for Likud’s law because Lapid would be sworn in as “another minister”, second in line as Prime Minister as part of the change.

It agreed with Likud’s statement that Lapid should give the President more information about the new government and not just announce that it has reached an agreement.

Lapid-Bennett’s stronghold could include other legitimate politicians as well as generous and moderate parties. Israeli journalists think they could be in court again with the help of a party that votes from a minority of Israeli Palestinian citizens.

This has led Netanyahu to accuse Bennett of violating Israel because it is embroiled in an internal conflict as Palestinians oppose Israeli efforts to evict them from their homes and bar them from entering the holy city of Old Jerusalem, peace with the Palestinian people, and Iran.

The world was divided

Netanyahu, 71, is the next generation of political leaders. He was elected prime minister in 1996 and returned to power in 2009, having held office for more than a decade. But he should also be prosecuted for fraud, embezzlement and breach of trust – charges he denies.

Bennett’s digital digital version of the Palestinian keffiyeh, which was broadcast on television, encouraged the simulation in an attempt to insult former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who was assassinated in 1995 by an anti-peace activist.

Israeli security investigators say Bennett has received parliamentary patrols on the advice of Shin Bet’s House Legislature over his “outrage”.

Lapid and Bennett say they want to bring Israelis from the political arena to end political talks.

“A divided and violent world cannot deal with Iran or the economy. “Leadership that motivates each other undermines our ability to cope with the challenges we face,” Lapid said.

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