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Reno Mayor Bet Strongly on blockchain

Hillary Schieve, the The mayor of Reno, Nevada, shook my hand before crossing the street from City Hall. He continues to catch it as we pass through a crowd of people on the other side, and they will not let us go until we reach the foot, or the end, where we are going: the molten metal and the glass sculpture of whales crushing their young. The name is Space Whale. In 2016 a team led by artist Matt Schultz organized Burning Man, an annual festival that takes place a few hours north of the city, as a way to make people aware of “our fraud in protecting the ocean,” he tells me later. After the festival ended, the city paid $ 64,000 for the sculpture.

Nearby, the whales are watching a bit of wan. Most of the surface material is broken, and the metal bones lose their light. Schieve, tightly wrapped in a shirt, her long hair whipped by the cold April wind, reaches out to the glass and groans. “I’m in the business of rescuing whales,” he says. These were contradictory statements. The whale’s rent expired in August 2019. The artist tried to sell the city, which was not interested in the $ 500,000 price tag, and when the price dropped, the city persuaded the artists to pay for the renovation. The Schultz team then tried to sell the Facebook Marketplace for $ 1 million. No carriers. All the while, no one was offering any TLC sculpture. In Schieve’s office, the mention of “whale” creates eye-catching attention. A white whale, beaten along the Truckee River.

But in the spring, Schieve (also known as SHE-vee) made the answer: indestructible sign, or NFT, offered for sale at blockchain singing Tezos. The new owner received a .CAD file and video from the artist, but the actual sculpture would have been in the city of Reno plaza. The money raised will help the city to clean up the whale and save it for people to enjoy. Schieve has realized that such a sale may require sweetening. He therefore considers good donations, such as continuing his annual trip to Hot Man and their fellow elect. (He doesn’t just stay up all night, Schieve adds; he didn’t want to ruin any future decisions with drugs.)

Reno Mayor of Hillary Schieve

Photo: Patrick T. Fallon / Bloomberg / Getty Images

The release of NFT is not, at present, a very serious matter, even for the government. Cities and countries around the world have been searching occasionally to make blockchain links. In 2018, Cleveland self-proclaimed Blockland, although the signal appears to be low. Wyoming has established itself as prime minister cryptocurrency trading platform, a symbol that some say, including Nevada, now wants to challenge. What is needed is a small and select business community that receives “new ideas,” especially those with a cypherpunk ring. That is not the case in Reno. For Schieve, NFT was a way to get into something else.

The first sign came out in January, when Mayor Francis Suarez of Miami, a man who recently shed tears losing the mindset of professionalism and see what sticks, he wrote about transforming its city into a “crypto technology center” that looks at Bitcoin. Schieve is not satisfied. “When will you be $ LINK at sea?” he ridicule in response, secretly for most readers. He refers to a blockchain platform called Chainlink, which is well-known for its religious beliefs because of its “military” mentions of television technology. Their loyalty is shown through a group that #HODLing (that is, they are holding) funds for the platform, called Link. Apparently, the mayor of Reno was a member of the army— “a pedestrian crossing,” as were the local people. “It was so sweet,” Schieve says of their attack on the inspired tweet.

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