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NBC has banned next year’s Golden Globes due to lack of color | Social and Cultural Affairs


American television station NBC has announced that it will stop broadcasting the Golden Globes event in 2022 after Hollywood performed at a party that provides annual video and video awards and its various needs.

Player Tom Cruise has joined forces with terrorists led by platforms and studios, in return for the three Golden Globes who won for their titles at Jerry Maguire, Magnolia and Born on July 4, various Variety and Deadline Hollywood reporters said.

NBC’s announcement on its thoughts Monday came despite the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), which has given rewards, agreed to recruit more black members and change them over the next 18 months. The networks had already received the plan but later said they would wait to see if the change worked.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has been under threat for months following widespread allegations of racism, sexual immorality, harassment, and corruption.

HFPA members have also been charged with felony criminal mischief.

“The big change takes time and work, and we believe HFPA needs time to do it right. As such, NBC does not broadcast 2022 Golden Globes,” NBC said in a statement.

“Assuming the agency is fulfilling its vision, we hope we will be able to showcase the demonstrations in January 2023,” he added to the network.

Chloe Zhao won Best Director at Golden Globes this year, the first Asian woman to win the award [File: Peter Kramer/NBC via Reuters]

Following NBC’s announcement, the HFPA said the implementation of the “reform program” remained a “significant step” regardless of the next day of the Golden Globes.

In his remarks, the HFPA also mentioned the changes he had made and provided a timeline.

It said that by August 2021, it would be appointing a new chief executive, adding 20 new members, adopting a new code of conduct and providing a variety of education courses and persecuting others.

Last week, the group agreed to redesign the transition to a “more inclusive and diverse” and “more” margin, with the expectation of making a line under the specified months.

But critics, including stars Scarlett Johansson and Mark Ruffalo, say the changes have not gone far enough and have failed to address some of the company’s biggest grievances.

Deadly dangers

The annual Golden Globes event, attended by well-known A-list professionals and industry executives, has become one of the biggest performances in Hollywood at the end of the Oscars.

But he looked closely at a study published in October by the Los Angeles Times newspaper which showed a group of 87 journalists, including world-class news reporters and retired and undercover workers who did not work for any major media outlet, had no black members. .

NBC’s dismissal could hurt the award and the organization, which relies heavily on Globes TV for revenue, comes just days after Netflix and Amazon Studios said they would not work with HFPA until the “meaning” and “Requirements” were changed.

Johansson, star of Lost in Translation and the Marvel superhero franchise, said over the weekend he “refused to take part” in HFPA press conferences for years because of “sexual harassment and comments” which “depend on torture”.

Globes have been under pressure after an investigation in the Los Angeles Times on HFPA found that it had no black members [File: Valerie Macon/ AFP]

Ruffalo recently said he would “not be proud or happy” to win a recent Golden Globe from a group that has a “culture of secrecy and exclusion” that continues to “reject the change in question”.

The National Association of Black Journalists, a group of more than 100 Hollywood publishers, several film production organizations, Time’s Up, and the charitable organization LGBTQ GLAAD also opposed the group.

WarnerMedia, which combines HBO cable and film studio Warner Bros., wrote a letter to the HFPA stating that it was concerned with “non-consensual, gay and lesbian questions” at press conferences at the Golden Globe Award.

“For a long time, requests for the best, the best and the most useless applications have been offered to our teams and to others around the world,” the WarnerMedia letter said.


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