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Myanmar troops are accused of banning aid to deported civilians | Stories

Fortify Rights says Myanmar’s military may have resorted to military violence by arresting aid workers and destroying food supplies.

A well-known human rights group says the Myanmar military may have carried out terrorist attacks in eastern Karenni by withholding relief aid for refugees, arbitrarily arresting aid workers, confiscating aid and destroying food supplies.

In a new report on Wednesday, Fortify Rights also urged governments in Thailand, India, China and Bangladesh to allow humanitarian organizations to provide extraordinary assistance to civilians in need in Myanmar.

“Prohibition of aid and supervision of humanitarian workers during times of war and war crimes,” said Ismail Wolff, Regional Director of Fortify Rights.

“The Myanmar government is threatening the peace and security of the region. UN member states and ASEAN members should urgently support cross-border emergency assistance for refugees and ensure that they are responsible for serious junta cases. “

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