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Apple told it to follow the process of opening the App Store

A federal judge in Apple-Epic to try has ordered the iPhone maker to release its anti-control rules and to comply with the old order to open its App Store to comply with payment methods.

The decision provides an opportunity for apple which would lead to a major compelling change in the App Store since it was created a decade ago.

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers said Tuesday that Apple is engaging in “mistrustful behavior” by preventing developers from showing customers online links to pay for digital goods outside of the company’s payment technology system.

He also said that anti-regulatory laws created “high price competition that makes people work overtime.” [that have] it was not in line with its intellectual value ”.

An Apple spokesman on Tuesday said the company would also appeal to the appellate court. “Apple believes that no further business changes should take place until all grievances in this regard have been resolved. We would like to ask Circuit Nine [court of appeals] to be as you are, ”said the prophet.

The Coalition for App Fairness, with more than 60 members including Epic Games, praised the court’s recent ruling.

“While this is a small acknowledgment that does not address the root of Apple’s anti-competitive practices, the law will provide much-needed relief to our members and manufacturers around the world,” said CEO Meghan DiMuzio. “No company, no matter how large or powerful, should be allowed to control how other companies interact with their customers.”

Judge Rogers was numerous ruled in favor of Apple in September, refuting nine Epic’s 10 claims that the technical giant operates illegally. Apple called the decision a “surprising victory”.

But last month the company appealed number one lost, stating that the law allowing manufacturers to add links and buttons on non-Apple payment options “could hurt Apple and consumers”. Apple has asked for a stay until the appellate court rules on the matter.

Judge Rogers said Apple’s claims of “irreversible injuries” were “exaggerated”.

He added: “Customers are accustomed to connecting from the app to the browser. Except, perhaps, when it takes time to set up guidelines, Apple did not provide a valid reason for the court to believe that this rule could result in the alleged violation.”

In a court hearing on Tuesday, Judge Rogers said he was rejecting Apple’s request because the appeal process should take “three, four, five years”.

He also rejected Apple’s request for an additional 10 days to file an appeal to the Ninth Circuit. In anticipation of the appeal, the order ordering Apple to release its operations will take effect after one month.

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