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Most importantly – ‘Palestine-Montrealer’! | The conflict between Israel and Palestine


On May 11, as Israel was unloading its weapons from the occupied Jerusalem and elsewhere, I was joined by CBC Radio-Montreal who were looking for someone to interrogate to discuss the violence that took place in Sheikh Jarrah. When I volunteered to speak on one of their programs on the requested day of May 12, I was told that she would like to sign me up for the show.

Unfortunately, the person had to be direct, and I call it, “Palestine-Montrealer”. Obviously, with their strict rules that all guests at the show must be Montrealers. In addition, I had an hour to ask about the Palestinian race.

Good. In 40 minutes, I found not one, but two Palestinian-Montrealers, able and willing to be interrogated. I looked at the two men again. And he assured me that every day when he wakes up, he thinks: “Oh, it’s not good to be a Palestinian-Montrealer!” Unless both words are combined, they feel enough! Their integration is a testament to their existence and the source of all their expertise in what happens at Sheikh Jarrah!

Interestingly, CBC Radio-Montreal was affected. All within an hour too. We can’t believe it. Thank you.

The Palestinian-Montrealers I found were very kind, they took away their busy schedule which was enough for CBC Radio-Montreal not only for public talks but also for recent interviews. The list has been confirmed. Preparations were made. Amazing.

May 12 comes and goes. But there is no email or call from CBC Radio-Montreal to tell the Palestinian-Montrealer that they will not be on the air or know in advance.

This story is not uncommon for some Canadian journalists, as well as media outlets in Europe, North America, Australia, and elsewhere.

For three days, between May 11 and 13, I found CBC, Palestinian Palestinians, Palestinian-Canadian experts, Palestine-Montrealers, and Palestinian Palestinians who are not “media words” but “ordinary words” – whatever that means, yet I found one. And every time I find one of the most unique things in Palestine, I am just ignored or told, no, today, we are looking for a different species. And it went on.

Unless this is a cover-up for colonial violence and other forms of harassment for those who have wasted their time finding out who the Palestinians will be interviewed for, and for Palestinians giving their time to prepare for a pointless interview, these stories would be ridiculous.

In the Canadian media and beyond, there are courageous and passionate journalists who work hard to cross the wall of peace and tell their audience the story of Palestine. He is everywhere. They work in many media outlets, within CBC News, and some are developing their own media strategies and are doing well with them.

We all need to support these journalists, both independent and working from the masses. When they pass by, they put a Palestinian in the air and give them a real moment to speak and explain the situation, while the language of the journalist and how he organizes the ground moves away from deceptive “sides”, “disputes over land sales”, and “Israel’s right to self-defense as justification.” anything and everything “, and any governmental lies that they spread, that’s when we have to stand behind the conscientious and real journalists.

Write to your videos. Tell them you appreciate the work of these journalists. Ask them to do more. Help the media to end the silence. Cut out the fear barrier.

In the last two weeks so far, young Palestinian journalists and human rights activists on social media have provided a more accurate and complete picture of what is happening in the world than any other Euro-American journalist has been included.

This is not to say that monitoring does not happen on digital platforms. Yes it is. Instagram and Twitter accounts and Facebook groups are banned, blocked, and monitored. As a result, these platforms do not serve as a solution to major, constructive, and media-based challenges. Digital platforms are also places where police are created and built to serve the powerful.

The CBC and other media organizations may think they are sending us to chase the goose, chasing Palestine-Montrealers for questioning. But we do understand the games and their tricks. We understand how they can respond to what I share here. They will also look at how they have summoned two, three, or even 10 Palestinians to talk these days and maybe in the coming weeks, and try to use this as a ransom in these cases.

But we know and understand that inviting Palestinian people of several ethnic groups for a period of time will not last more than the daily tense hours of strong issues like Canada, the US and Israel (and there is almost noon between their territories).

And we also understand that the former director of CBC and other media organizations is the wrong side of history. Any gains that will be made in the coming weeks, all the events that are already taking place and hopefully will grow bigger, will happen even if the world has established itself in the media. These benefits are being made by people who come together inside and outside of the media, pushing these groups to change for the most important change. But like the state of Israel, many journalists will respond to this with violence.

In a letter released last week, nearly 500 Canadian, impartial, and non-Canadian journalists correctly stated the “lack of information that Canadian journalists are pressuring and shooting indiscriminately” against Palestinians, and I urge: “That all journalism principles should be used in publishing. in Canada developing Palestinian territories. Fair and impartial disclosure should include the history and culture of local journalists, especially Palestinian voices. “

And how do former watchtowers in the ranks of journalists respond? By preventing some signatories from registering in Palestine / Israel.

Let this in. Calling for unscrupulous, fair, just and legitimate journalists brings punishment to those journalists.

And so something urgently needed, and that is not the case in Palestine-Montrealer. The urgent need is to have a clear, open, honest discussion, participation, and public discussion around the world on how governmental repression groups are formed and maintained through the media.

Don’t forget this: our story is not just a Palestinian story. This is the story of all the people who are being oppressed, killed, imprisoned, maimed, enslaved, controlled, and exterminated. This is the story of local problems on Turtle Island, Bolivia, Mexico, Chile, Australia, and other places. This is the story of the struggle for Black liberation around the world. This is a story about Kashmir’s struggle for freedom. This is a story about an unresolved struggle to end economic inequality and racial inequality in South Africa.

This is a story about the struggle for freedom and democracy in Thailand, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and other places. This is the story of all those who are struggling to break the yoke of oppressive countries in Guinea, Uganda, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Algeria, Tunisia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and elsewhere. This is a war story in Italy, Spain, Brazil, China, Egypt, Greece, United Kingdom and other places. This is the story of a Jewish anti-Semitism campaign against European Semitism.

We are all the rulers of this world, which was established and beyond the colonial era. The policies and procedures used to appease and control the Palestinians are similar to those of the oppressed, as well as the violence perpetrated by most journalists.

Nelson Mandela once said, “We are well aware that our freedom is complete without the freedom of the Palestinians.” True. But let me add this: all people who have been caught up in the above problems are not free. The Palestinian War for independence is also a struggle for many people around the world to gain independence. We all go there together, or nobody goes.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the editor of Al Jazeera.


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