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More than 50 migrants drown as a boat capsizes off the coast of Tunisia | Human Rights Issues

A boat carrying 90 people left Libya on Sunday and sank off the coast of Tunisia the next day.

At least 57 refugees and internally displaced people have drowned off the coast of Tunisia, while 33 have been rescued by oil platform workers after a boat from northern Libya sank on Monday.

Tunisian Ministry of Defense spokesman Mohamed Zekri said Tuesday that the boat had passed through Sfax, off the southeast coast of Tunisia.

He said crews on the oil platform who saw the boat pass by warned officials, and troops had been dispatched to search for high ground water.

Thirty-three Bengalis were rescued [and] Another 57 people have drowned in a ship carrying 90 migrants from Libya to Europe, “Red Crescent staff member Mongi Slim told Reuters news agency on Tuesday.

The species of the deceased were not immediately known.

Tunisia’s TAP news agency reported that the navy rescued 113 people from Bangladesh, Morocco and sub-Saharan Africa on Monday afternoon as their boat nearly sank in Djerba, an island off the coast of Tunisia.

Libya is a transit point for European migrants to the Mediterranean Sea.

Monday’s incident was the fifth dangerous boat to sink in the past few months from Tunisia that affects refugees fleeing conflict or displacement.

Earlier this month, 17 migrants drowned and two were rescued after their boat sank off the coast of Tunisia.

More than 60 refugees and internally displaced persons have died in recent weeks in incidents similar to the Tunisian coast.

The UN estimates that at least 685 people has died or is missing in the Mediterranean region this year.

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