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Migration Procedures in Biden


Upcoming President Joe Biden’s advisers warned Tuesday that any change in immigration reforms would not happen unexpectedly, trying to frustrate hopes that Democrats at the White House would soon end the running years and the complexities of the Trump administration.

The reformers, however, discussed the idea of ​​changing the ways of those seeking asylum on the southern border. The forthcoming government wants to identify high-risk refugees and fulfill their demands – rather than just coming.

The change is part of Biden’s team’s decision to reconsider its offer, and the changing authorities have called on the media.

“The aim is to change the way people greet each other at the border, to make the work more efficient, more fair, and more humane,” a Biden spokesman said. “This means allowing traffic officers to prosecute cases so that those who want to be rescued will not be detained for many years.”

The negative restrictions imposed by Trump’s administration on immigration – as well as the attitude, performance, and change of things to come – mean that the system needs to be re-implemented with caution, Biden said.

“It’s very difficult, because the supervisors have so far broken a lot of things,” he said.

Trump officials have ordered, citing plague, which prevents many tourists from reaching the United States. Prior to the plague, border patrols determined how many immigrants were allowed to enter the U.S. via the government to request asylum, a process known as queuing or “metering.”

Biden’s reform planner said the administration wanted to address metering, which began under the Obama administration, because it reduces power, reduces access to the country, and hinders foreign nationals from finding security in the US. In October, the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security reports found that deported U.S. officials who wanted to take refuge in the state border told migrants that they had no place to use them, even if they could.

Their system is different from the meter because its purpose is to improve border control and prioritize those who need more protection, said Biden’s supporter. Those who travel the most insecure will be identified with the help of NGOs below.

“Right now people are sleeping outside the docks to stay in line and that’s when we’re facing public health problems. It’s difficult,” said Biden’s transformation worker. “The purpose is to work with agencies in Mexico to ensure that we work together and properly prepare people who are expecting to arrive at the ports.”

The press conference came a day after Susan Rice, Biden’s election to head the Domestic Policy Council, and Jake Sullivan, the country’s new national security adviser, told a Spanish news agency. EFE that it would take months to restore the border repair.

“Limiting power at the border is not like a lamp you can just turn on and off,” Rice told EFE. “Immigrants and those seeking rescue should not believe that the locals are selling the idea that the border will be opened suddenly to accommodate everyone on Day 1. They will not.”

Rice said Biden’s management has addressed the root causes of migration, working with government agencies, federal agencies, governments, and other countries. Officials say they hope to implement a $ 4 billion four-year plan to combat corruption, improve security, and promote development in refugee camps.

“We know that many people would not choose to leave their country and risk their lives and their families unless the things at home are more dangerous than emigration,” Rice told EFE.

Another plan is to develop legal migration routes that allow people to register asylum seekers, temporary workers, and other employment-related programs from the West, including Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.

Sullivan said Biden’s administration would not immediately end Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), which is forcing refugees to wait in Mexico while their U.S. cases are finalized. The aim is to eliminate the first of Biden’s management.

“The MPP has been a disaster since its inception and has led to economic hardship in northern Mexico. But the implementation of the new law will take time,” Sullivan said. “Local agencies have done a lot of work to ensure that refugees run smoothly and efficiently. We need time to increase our capacity to work and do this in line with public health needs.”


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