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Many prisoners have been killed during recent conflicts in a prison in Ecuador | Prison News

Police say 58 prisoners have been killed and 12 injured in other incidents in the Penitenciaria del Litoral in Guayaquil.

Many prisoners have been killed in a series of deadly attacks on the prison camp in Guayaquil, Ecuador, according to government officials.

“According to preliminary information, 68 prisoners were killed and 25 others injured,” the Prosecutor’s Office in Ecuador wrote on Twitter on Saturday, increasing the police risk of 58 people being killed and 12 injured.

The dispute in Penitenciaria del Litoral, outside the city of Guayaquil in the state of Guayas, was one of several incidents that took place in prison a few months ago. In September, chaos between rival factions he kills prisoners 119.

Nearly 300 prisoners have been killed this year in broken Ecuador prisons, where thousands of prisoners detained by drug lords have committed atrocities that often turn violent.

Residents near the jail on Saturday also reported hearing gunshots and explosions coming from inside the lockup. Outside, family members of the inmates gathered to hear about their loved ones.

“This is enough. When will they stop killing? This is a prison not for murder, it is for the people, “said Francisca Chancay, 55, whose brother had been in prison for eight months.

Some were summoning Ecuador’s security forces to guard the prison.

“What is it [President Guillermo] Lasso waiting? Are there too many dead? “Said Maritza Vera, 62, whose son is a prisoner. “Have mercy, where is the natural right. We thought this would change, but it was too bad.

Prison violence comes amid a state of emergency that Lasso ordered in October that empowers security forces to deal with drug trafficking and other crimes.

Ecuador has 40,000 prisoners in its prisons, of which about 8,500 are in Litoral. According to the prison population, the area is 55 percent full and 62 percent at Litoral.

Last month, the country’s chief warden announced this 2,000 prisoners will be pardoned in order to reduce overcrowding in confined spaces.

Bolivar Garzon, chief of SNAI’s prison wards, said on October 1 that the government would prioritize the release of inmates aged and women, as well as people with disabilities and chronic illnesses.

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