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‘We Can’t Overlook Their Inaction’ on COP26 Climate Talks

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GLASGOW, SCOTLAND – Seasonal discussions has gone into overtime, with negotiations blowing up late Friday. A new writing text for that fell Saturday morning showed that developed and oil-producing countries continue to be barriers to effective action.

Being in the middle of a conversation is very difficult. During the holidays, it is clear that the issues are of great importance to others. Although there has been a growing consensus on the negotiations in Glasgow, including a strong commitment by a small group of first governments to eliminate oil and gas and smaller contracts methane and clean cars, record labels have failed to deliver on financial commitments and the urgent need to eliminate the use of fossil fuels. Looks like Glasgow is spelled yand another list of topics that cannot be discussed what the world really needs.

On Friday, a group of people who oversee organizations with whom we have the opportunity to negotiate made the trip, meeting with freedom fighters in the streets to express their deepest sympathy for what was happening in the negotiating rooms. It was a powerful word that also meant to shake the whole thing the world from his point of view and impose punishment.

The oil companies have been very focused on promoting the negotiations, and evading the number of delegates than the country’s top representatives. For those who want an unimaginable future for companies that have done too much to damage the climate, human rights activists have said it is important for more people to have sex and for governments to take responsibility.

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