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‘Many dead’ in Israel’s journey reduced: rescue operations | Religious Affairs

The tragedy occurred when thousands, especially Orthodox Jews, were taking part in the annual pilgrimage to theology.

Many people were killed on their way to a Jewish mosque in northern Israel on Friday, rescuers said.

Magen David Adom, an emergency services specialist in Israel, wrote the revised budget on Twitter, adding that “the MDA is fighting for the lives of many injured people, and will not give up until the last one is removed.”

The repression came as thousands of Orthodox Jews took part in the annual procession to the Lag BaOmer festival in Meron, around the famous tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, a second-century Talmud scholar.

Emergency services dispatched six helicopters to evacuate the injured.

Israeli journalists published a photo of a series of bodies wrapped in plastic bags on the floor.

Authorities ordered 10,000 people to gather at the cemetery but organizers say more than 650 buses have been rented from across the country, bringing 30,000 pilgrims to Meron.

About 5,000 police officers were dispatched to protect the event, the largest gathering in the country during the coronavirus epidemic.

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