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A 30-minute descent into Housemarque shows what to expect from ‘Return’


Just a few hours the familiar theme of the PS5 Revenge will be was released, but what can players expect when they jump on the bandwagon? A 30-minute video written by Housemarque incorporates a number of runs, which gives us an excellent overview of what players will experience in the case of Selene, a researcher who appears to have fallen into a strange foreign world.

Different biomes have different shapes, and enemies that reach the player differently. Also, like other non-playing games we’ve seen over the years, these games sometimes cross over with what other players do. You can see the shadow of a defeated player whom you can choose to take revenge on, or even return to as their enemy with the virus to strike. If you are still trying to choose if you want click the purchase button for the game for $ 70, then this should answer your remaining questions Revenge opens tonight.

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